New Book on 2SAS.

Father was with Hannah, Holden and Lyczak - does anyone know of these men?

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SAS Operation Pistol: Raindrops in Alsace Hardcover – 30 Aug. 2024​

by Graham Alcock (Author)

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My book on Operation Pistol from my father's point of view is available through Amazon after this August - His group was C3 group. Book title is
'SAS Operation Pistol' the front cover shows my father in 3 Para beret in 1956 however - back cover is the Italy Detachment Multo Stanco photograph from 1945.
Publishers description below -

Operation Pistol was a British operation performed by 2 SAS during World War 2 launching 51 SAS soldiers into the German territory of Alsace Lorraine 80 miles ahead of the American forces, running alongside Operation Loyton. Of those 51 soldiers, SQMS Jack Alcock commanded a four-man party from his C3 group and this is the story of his incredible bravery that awarded him the Croix de Guerre. Jack’s group parachuted into France in extreme weather conditions lacking vital supplies of food and suffering the theft of their radio receiver they fought through enemy territory seeking shelter with sympathetic locals along the way experiencing a close call with the Gestapo at one farmstead to eventually reach the front line position of the American Fourth Armourerd Division near Arracourt where he was debriefed by Colonel Bruce C Clarke of Command A. Jack later returned to France with his son to retrace his footsteps for this incredible memoir of determination, courage, and tenacity.