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R.S. MacDonald

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Hello everyone. My name is Robert MacDonald, son of Captain Robert "Buck" MacDonald, a Canadian who led a succesful partisan/SAS attack on the garrison of Alba called Operation Canuck.

Last month I travelled to Alba Italy with Jack Paley, a former Operation Canuck member, to commemorate Liberation Day. Surprisingly, Jack was the first SAS member to visit Alba since the War. We were struck by the heartfelt appreciation the Albanese still have for the SAS. But their history of Operation Canuck is missing the SAS perspective. Unfortunately, many of the Operation Canuck men have passed on and after 66 years, the memories of those who survive are naturally faded.

I noticed in Robert Hann's book "SAS Operation Galia" the Operation Order and Operation Debrief Report are added as appendices. Would anyone know if/where such reports are available for Operation Canuck?

Thanks for any help you can provide. I can be reached at rsmacdonaldpcns@gmail.com


Robert MacDonald
if you have a copy of his record then you need to send a copy to the sas association and they will give anything they have to hand with his name on. if you want specific files you will need to ask for them and they will see if they have them. they wont do anything without his file though

websites for addresses for both


Hello Robert. I am an Englishman who has also met Jack Paley. Jack came to my house here 30 miles south of York. It was my father who knew Jack well. They were both in 2 SAS. My father died in 1997 aged nearly 80. I first met jack Paley when I was about 10 years old in 1956. By this time we lived at Aldershot and my father was RSM 3 Parachute regiment. I have a letter from a man called McDonald here from my fathers personal effects. This Macdonald was a layer from Novia Scotia. If it is your fahter's letter give me your address and I will send a copy of it to you. In 1990 I spent nine months in Edmonton Canada working as teacher-had a telephone conversation with Roy Farran. He invited me over but I could not make it. By the way my wifes father was born in Saskatchewan. If you want e-mail me directly then contact me on ggalcock@btinternet.com - I don't know if you should add .uk after the .com but I don't use that ending locally just .com or contact Jack paley as he has my telephone number.
Is there anybody interested in Operation Canuck or, in any case, about the SAS being in Cuneo (Town).
I have some urgent info to communicate, If it would be possible to contact me via messenger.
Thank you
Hi - I saw your message and I would be interested in Op Cunuck as I believe my father in law, Frank Cook may have been in 2nd SAS group photo in Cuneo town square. I have been looking for the after action report to confirm whether he was there either way.

hello. I am the daughter of Gordon ’Lofty’ Rose. He was in 2 SAS when he was 18. He is mentioned in Hahn’s book and also the book Rossano by Major Gordon Lett who led Operation Galia. My father remained close friends with the villagers in Rossano and Sero his whole life. Our holidays always involved the Italian mountain villages. I am called after the daughter of Pippo Sibaldi a resistance fighter. Brian Lett is the son of Major Lett and very involved in the Italian campaigns. You should be able to find him online and Facebook. He is extremely knowledgeable and has made it his life’s mission to record the SAS. Good luck in your searching.