Operation Pistol and corporal Hills report


After visiting the pistol oporational area myself I came off the ferry at Dover and drove to Portsmouth to meet Cyril Wheeler who had been in the same plane as my dad and consequently in the same stick for the drop. Cyril was directed by captain Scott, the senior officer of C drop, to go out under the command of Corporal Hill.

Scott had broken or badly twisted his ankle and could only walk with great difficulty. I met Cyral for the first time in his home at Portsmouth. he had no idea where he had been dropped in 44, only a general idea that it was france. I could only conclude that SAS briefings were different then. I showed him the location on my map, marked it out and gave it to him to keep.

Cyral told me that whilst on this patrol he had been hiding in a barn. It was raining heavily throuhgout the operation so everyone was wet through and cold. german cooks came into the barn and began to make a meal. Eventualy Cyral could bear it no more. he descended from the loft and held them up and all the SAS ate the meal the germans had been preparing.
I have been motivated to write down these details about pistol because much of itdoes not appear in the reports on wikipedia. these are oral accounts and they will br lost forever soon so this site was a wonderful opportunity for me to pass then on.