Operation Pistol Tank Battle observed


SQMS J Alcock, Corporal Hannah, Corporal Holden and the Polish SAS soldier Lyczak left Feriendael Farm and attempted to make their way towards the American front lines. The farmer who had hidden the night before had taken a great risk as he had a wife and children. The farmer, Monsieur Koenige, told them to head for another farm on the south side of Koecking Bois ridge which overlooked the American positions from the north side. The SAS group decided to walk along the southern side of the wood. When they reached its extremity they heard tank movements in the valley below. Shortly after a tank battle took place in the valley. The German tanks eventually withdrew into a wood having been seen off by the Americans.

One of my fathers men reported himself too ill to continue. Infact it was an attack of maleria that he had first got a Philipville in North Africa. My father decided the best option was to return to the farm at Feriendael as he was sure of a welcome here. He thought he was too far from their intended meeting with the next farmer. He and his men returned to Feriendael and were allowed to stay another night.

The following night the SAS left and headed for Koecking Bois cross roads. It was here that it nearly all ended in capture. I have visited this cross roads twice but it is quite difficult to identify the exact house that my father and the other SAS men in his patrol hid in. However my best estimate is that it is the house on the north side of the cross roads which is reached via a 60 yard driveway.

It was here that the two Polish girls were shot. See previous threads for a description of this event.
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