EOD Panton, Francis Harry

John Robertson

Staff member

Francis Harry

  • UNIT
Royal Engineers (1 Bomb Disposal Company)​

  • RANK


Member of the Order of the British Empire

postwar (London Gazette 30.12.1947)

born 25.5.1923 Lincoln
son of George E. Panton
educated City School,Lincoln
commissioned 2Lt R.E. 29.10.1944 (Cadet no. 14670086)
graduated University of Nottingham (PhD)
employed by ICI
Foreign Office (political adviser in Berlin)
Deputy Head of MOD's Technical Research Unit 1957
Attache (Nuclear),Washington,D.C.,USA 1958
Technical Adviser,UK Delegation,Geneva on the discontinuance of nuclear tests 1959-61
Counsellor (Defence),Washington,D.C. 1962
Head of Science 6,MOD,London 1966-68
Assistant Chief Scientific Adviser (Nuclear) 1969
Director-General (Scientific) Establishments,Resources and Programmes (8),MOD
Director of the departments and units responsible for the development of rocket motors,propellants and explosives
consultant to the Cabinet Office on nuclear issues 1985-97
awarded C.B.E. 1997
married Audrey Lane 1952 (died) (2 sons)
married Pauline Dean 1995
died 8.4.2013 Kent​
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