Paul Hill (Hillbilly) 22 SAS Died 1988


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Having read nearly every SAS book published, I felt the need to visit Hereford, and in particular, St Martins Church to see it for myself.

I recommed that anyone who has not been there, visits the place to experience, the feeling of being around the graves of so many brave men. It really sends a shiver up your spine! Especially Labalaba's grave and the B2Z guys.

I also found the grave of Paul Hill (Hillbilly) who is mentioned in Nish Bruce and Andy McNab's books.

Does anyone have any photo's or stories of this guy as he seemed to feature in eveyone's life, and must have been some kind of man!
hillbilly aka paul hill Is also mentioned in Frank Collins book .. Frank Collins is also mentioned in Charles Nish Bruce's book free fall and also in Andy Mcnab's (Steve Mitchell ) 7 troop along with des doom and Harry and Al Slater is mentioned in all of the books now as most all of these were serving members of seven troop obviously they worked and played together it's a pity old Nish Bruce couldn't have got a chit like snapper did to say that he was sane
What i found interesting about reading aboout Hillbilly, was (as written in Andy's book) that if he died of a heart attack in a hotel room Hong Kong (i stand to be corrected if i am wrong), how come it took 6 weeks to get his body back.