Poles who were in 2 SAS


I am looking for imformation on two Poles who joined 2 SAS in Italy in 1943. I think they were freed from an internment camp.

Their names are Joseph Lyczak and S Marczak.

After the war Lyczak went to Kirkcaldy to live - then he pops up in Manchester where he dies in 2000. Where marczak went I don't know. I have seen a report that lists Lyczak as having been on Archway. Does anyone know if he was on the Italy Squadron photo - the one that features the mountain gun Multo Stanco - I have a copy of this and I hope his image may be on it. cheers.


Hi Galcock,
I think there maybe something in the book 'SAS in Tuscany 1943-1945 By Brian Lett, an excellent read.Chapter 20 pp193-194. Day 46: 10th February 1945.
I quote;

'The smaller second party was under the command of Lieutenant Riccomini and consisted of his Number 2 stick and Sergeant Wright's number 1 stick, plus one Frenchman and two Poles.'

In Robert Hann's book 'Operation Galia details from the Preliminary Report states; there were 4 Poles in Captain Walker Brown's party.

This may refer to Joseph Lyczak and S Marczak ? I am from Kirkcaldy and remember there was a Lyczak or that family name anyway, living in the town in the 70's when i was growing up.




Hi dave,
yes I have found both names in Kirkcaldy. The Lyczak family tell me that their grandfather left home in 1965 ish and went south. I have been in touch with his granddaughter who lives in Kirkcaldy and she has found him to have died in 2000 in Manchester. I have no idea what he looked like and as he was on a patrol behind the lines ith my father I would like to find him for my own curiosity and also for his grandaughter in kirkcaldy. There is a Marczak family in kirkcaldy too - I got his telephine number through BT but he was most cagey and did not want to answer any questions so I had to leave it there. but if anyone can identify them in a photo I would be happy to see their images.
PS I have the book SAS in Tuscany. My father was in the army all his adult life. He left 22 SAS in 1966. But since his death I have only then been able to find out about his time in the regiment. Bye the way, around 1958/62 we were based in Glasgow with16 para TA. Very happy time in Scotland for me.
Thanks Graham