OSS Quinn, Myrtle Palumbo (nee Vacirca)

John Robertson

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Myrtle Palumbo (nee Vacirca)
  • UNIT
OSS Italy
  • RANK
Technician Fourth Class
Bronze Star
Italy 1944 (awarded 2009)
from New York,New York
born 29.11.1916 Boston,Massachusetts
daughter of Vincent and Chiara (nee Palumbo) Vacirca
birth name Mirtella
graduated Brooklyn College
labor organizer,United Mine Workers
defense worker,General Motors,Trenton,New Jersey
correspondence clerk in civilian life
entered service 16.3.1943 New York,New York
Women's Army Corps (admin specialist)
OSS Italy 1944-45
discharged from army 1945
civilian with OSS Italy 1945-47
graduated University of Palermo
employed by New York City Department of Social Services Division of Employment and Rehabilitation (retired 1987)
married Robert Jennings Quinn prewar - KIA 18.7.1943 as Pilot Officer (air gunner) 204 Squadron,R.A.F.V.R. age 24
died 4.1.2012 Montgomery County,Maryland
Arlington National Cemetery,Virginia Columbarium 7-N1-8-1
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