Craig Robertson

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Parachute Regiment
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Sergeant, Warrant Officer Class 1
Mention in Despatches , Distinguished Conduct Medal
Falklands 1982 (MiD), Gulf, 29th June 1991 (DCM)
born 1951 Salford, Lancashire
apprentice plasterer, Preston, Lancashire
Army January 1970
1 Bn Parachute Regiment 1970
22 SAS 1972-92 (18/D Squadron + PSI/23 SAS + SSM/D Squadron + RQMS + RSM) (Trooper - Warrant Officer First Class)
commissioned as Captain, Queen's Dragoon Guards 1992
21 SAS 1993-95 (Captain/QM)
23 SAS 1995-November 1997 (Training Major)
left Army November 1997
married (1 son)
London Gazette 49134, 8th October 1982, Page 12853 (MiD)
London Gazette 54763, 13th May 1997, Page 5628 (DCM)


Mention in Despatches : The acquisition of detailed intelligence on enemy strengths and dispositions was considered a prerequisite for any Squadron direct action operations. SGT RATCLIFFE was tasked to gather such information on the Argentine Garrison at FOX BAY, in the WEST FALKLANDS.

At the time of his insertion, the enemy were considerably aware of the threat posed by our surveillance. Their tactics to eliminate this threat included counter patrolling and radio signal direction finding. Despite this SGT RATCLIFFE at times sited his observation post within 600 yards of the enemy's forward positions. His information was exhaustive and accurate. This necessitated lengthy radio transmissions. Heedless of the danger thus posed, he nevertheless persisted in the regular passage of his intelligence. Because of changed circumstances his patrol duration was extended by some three days. This he achieved on reduced material support with no degradation of efficiency. The quality of the patrol's intelligence was outstanding. Previously acquired information was confirmed and a great deal of new intelligence added. Had an attack been required to be mounted on FOX BAY there is little doubt that the patrol's contribution would have proved vital.

Throughout this campaign, SGT RATCLIFFE has performed with dedicated thoroughness. He saw action during diversionary attacks prior to the main amphibious landings and again on advance force operations in the MOUNT KENT area. He has acted as 2IC to the MOUNTAIN TROOP since the helicopter crash of 21 May inflicted 50% casualties on that troop. He set about the task of rebuilding that troop, and was largely responsible for the recovery of their effectiveness and confidence. Altogether SGT RATCLIFFE's performance has been exemplary. I strongly recommend his endeavours be suitably recognised.


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