SAS Ravalec, Jean-Marie

The Bandits of Cisterna
By William Pickering & Alan Hart
Eight Lives Down
By Chris Hunter
Special Ops Heroes
He Who Dared and Died: The Life and Death of a SAS Original, Sergeant Chris O'Dowd, MM
The Scourge of Soho: The Controversial Career of SAS Hero Detective Sergeant Harry Challenor MM
A British Achilles: The Story of George, 2nd Earl Jellicoe KBE DSO MC FRS 20th Century Soldier, Politician, Statesman
Colonel Paddy
Operation Bulbasket
Daggers Drawn: Real Heroes of the SAS and SBS
He Who Dares: Recollections of Service in the SAS, SBS and MI5
The Last Gentleman of the SAS: A Moving Testimony from the First Allied Officer to Enter Belsen at the End of the Second World War
The Special Air Service
Jock Lewes - Co-Founder of the SAS
Paddy Mayne