Sergeant Sanders, Edgar

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Full NameEdgar Clarence Sanders
Date of Birth29.12.1915 Christchurch, New Zealand
Date of Death05.01.1987 New Zealand
Enlisted26.10.1939 Aldershot
Militaryparent unit 34 Anti Tank Battery,2 NZEF (also served LRDG)
joined PPA May 1943 from LRDG (T Patrol)
PPA R Patrol
Further Informationresided 36 Cecil Street, Christchurch, New Zealand
seaman in civilian life
daughter (Sandra)
son (Peter)

after war sailed Pacific Ocean looking for sunken treasure. Stranded on desert island for months.

"A great and likeable character. Hardly to be described as the best dressed man in town" (Popski)



Military Medal : (With LRDG) Gunner Sanders joined the L.R.P. when it was formed in July 1940 and has been with the unit ever since. In 1940 at GEBEL AUWEINAT, his gunnery was of such quality that his patrol was able to carry out a successful raid. In this raid he salvaged petrol stores under heavy bombing from the air, thereby setting a fine example of devotion to duty. At MURZUK his gunnery again played an important part in the successful attack upon the aerodrome, whilst under fire from enemy machine gun positions. At MERSA BREGA last December he was one of the patrol which drove 10 miles on the main road from the West into the town, and took part in a fight at close range. On this occasion he again showed his coolness and courage. On his next patrol, two weeks later, his truck was blown to pieces by German dive bombers, and he was one of the party which walked 200 miles across the desert to the units base. At all times he has shown coolness, bravery and devotion to duty in action.


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