SAS Carbine Rifle. Operation Pistol


(Operation Pistol)In the mid 1980s my father, ex SQMS J Alcock of 2 SAS, opened a letter from Alsace Lorraine in France. It was from a French farmer who he had not seen since leaving his farmhouse in 1944 in order to make the last leg of his escape route. The farmer was able to contact my Dad because he had left his army number with the farmer with the comment that if ever he could do something for him he would.
Well the farmer wanted my father to have his granddaugther over with him in England in order to improve her English. My father looked after Natasha for a week and then my wife and I had her here at my home. As a result of this we were invited to stay at their home in Alsace Lorraine for a few days and have a guided tour of the operational area. At one farm we were taken to we met a farmer who had not only sheltered my fathers group but also another party from 'Pistol'. It was probably a group commanded by Sheviile. This farmer went into his garage and produced an American carbine rifle which had been left by one of the SAS in 44. he invited me to have a go with it and fire off a round. My father advised me not to as it looked rather dilapidated.
My next message will be about how my fathers party broke through the German lines and into the American front lines of the fourth armored division. See my previous threads on Operation Pistol and if you would like to read all about this Operation go to wikipedia and read Tim Williams contribution. His grandfather was also on Pistol but with another group. What was a little different about this operation was that all the groupd dropped (51 men in total)were instructed not to talk to the locals because many favoured Germany. Infact my father found the locals very supportive and very brave.