Bob Lancaster

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Hello everyone,

I am an ex 22 SAS and Australian 1 Commando veteran based in Australia. In 2019 prior to Covid I commenced a pilgrimage to visit all the WW II SAS grave sites throughout Europe.

In 2022 I will be flying back to France to carry on the pilgrimage. I therefore seek any information and advise and backgrounds on individuals who served in the SAS who were KIA or murdered when taken prisoner who are buried in France and Italy.

I have already attended many graves in France and the SAS Memorial at Sennecey La Grande.

I have compiled a list of those graves I have not visited and note information on this site relates to some but not all of them.

Any assistance and advice would be apprecaited.


Bob Lancaster

Will Ward

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Do you have the SAS and LRDG Roll of Honour? Has all the names and locations, plus relevant bios. New edition due soon I believe. Well worth having.
Happy to advise re Rom Cemetery and associated sites for the Bulbasket graves. Suspect you will have seen the Normandy ones already.

Will Ward

Bob Lancaster

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Hi Will,

I have tried to get hold of the Roll of Honour volumes however they sold out within a short time of being released.

I have not heard or found anywhere where I can purchase them. If you know please advise.

I have been offered to view the SAS Association Volumes in London however I will be based in France not the UK.

I have already attended Rom and many other grave sites in France.

I intend to pay my respects at the following sites this year:

Paris / Clichy
Recey - Sur ource
Marissel/ beauvais

if you are on Instagram or Facebook you can see the previous graves I have paid my respects and see the ones listed above when I get there this year.

IG plantagenet_manor
FB. Robert Lancaster

if you know of anyone will to part with their volumes of the toll of honour or prepared to lend them please get back to me.

I look forward to your reply.