22 SAS Seale, Michael John

John Robertson

Staff member
[ 23 SAS ENTRY ]
Michael John
  • UNIT
B Squadron
  • RANK
Staff Sergeant
British Empire Medal
parent unit Royal Corps of Signals
born 24.03.1940
1958 Parachute Regiment
31.03.1989 end of service
London Gazette 46593, 6th June 1975, Page 7392 (BEM)
London Gazette 51578, 31st December 1988, Page 6 (MBE)
awarded 1988 MBE See 23 SAS Awards


Member of the Order of the British Empire : Captain (Acting Major) Seale joined the Parachute Regiment in 1958 and after 5 years transferred to the SAS where he quickly earned his spurs in the Borneo Campaign. He was a key member of an SAS patrol that managed to dominate large tracts of the Borneo jungle from the Indonesians. Then came Aden and Radfan, followed in the early 1970s by the Dhofar Campaign where his personal leadership and courage under fire is well remembered within the SAS family. Not long after this he was wounded in Dhofar when commanding an independent Troop location. He then spent 2 years at BRIXMIS, where he was awarded the BEM for his outstanding work as a tour commander in East Germany. Between 1977 and 1979 he was RSM 23 SAS having been promoted WO1 direct from SSGT - a most unprecedented step. In 1980 he was back with B Squadron 22 SAS as the Squadron Operations Officer in Northern Ireland and then during the Iranian Embassy siege. In 1981 he was commissioned into the SAS. After an appointment at the International Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol School he completed a tour on the staff of HQ Director SAS. He is now in his 4th year as Training Major 23 SAS.

Seale is one of the true centurions of todays SAS. He is the 3rd most senior serving SAS soldier in terms of time. His loyalty to the SAS is such that he is recognised as a guardian of SAS traditions and all things SAS. A man of great moral courage, he has always shone in his example to others of what is right and proper and expected within the SAS. He has a warm sense of humour and his counsel is highly valued within the SAS fraternity.

As Training Major, his enthusiasm, flair, dedication, technical expertise and professionalism set him apart from his contemporaries. His ability to organise and run complex, demanding training has been illustrated on many occasions.

Throughout the last few years he has been handicapped by a back injury. This - at times most painful - has never distracted him from his duties. His contribution to the SAS and this Regiment in particular has been and continues to be of the highest order and he will be greatly missed on his retirement from the Army next year.

Place : 23 SAS (V)
Date of Action : March 1985 to February 1988
How Employed : Training Major


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https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/D7636505 (MBE)
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