SAS Sgt. Anthony (Tony) Trevor Knapp O'Brien - 1 SAS


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Hello! Thanks for the add to the page!

My Grandfather Sgt. ATK O'Brien, probably 1 SAS in North Africa 8th Army, Middle Eastern Command. Libya.

Looking for additional information if anyone has seen him in any other pictures or seen his name mentioned.

I have his previous history from Kings African Rifles where he was court-martialled for being a naughty boy!

He is then mentioned as Welch Regiment but I have no information on this other than PoW logbook entries (suspected/confirmed/No longer PoW). But at the same time he was SAS - how can this be?

Other than that he was a PoW in Stalag Luft III, VI, I and 357. He was an Escape Committee Member and in charge of tunnelling operations until he was charged again in Stalag Luft I for disobeying orders.
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