US PARAS Skipton, Harold Claydean

Date of death

John Robertson

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Harold Claydean
  • UNIT
502 Parachute Infantry Regiment
  • RANK
Private First Class
21st January 1945
  • AGE
Golden Gate National Cemetery,San Bruno,California Section C Site 294-B
from Los Angeles,California
born 2.4.1920, Worlan, Wyoming
resided 649 E. 111th Place, Los Angeles, California
single without dependents
4 years of high school
civil occupation - Plumbers apprentice
enlisted 23.01.1942, Fort Macarthur, San Pedro, California
DOW Belgium
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Thank you for remembering my great-uncle, Harold C. Skipton. He was very much loved by his Sis and little brother, my grandfather. Looking for more information on how and where he died. The records I am finding do not match what the family was told.

Craig Robertson

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Diagnosis:Diagnosis: Pneumo-thorax, sucking, traumatic; Location: Thorax, generally; Location: Dorsal vertebrae; CausativeAgent: Artillery Shell, Fragments, Afoot or unspecified; Diagnosis: Fracture, compound, comminuted with nerve involvement only

Type of Injury:InjuryType: Battle casualty; InjuryType2: All battle casualties, and all battle injuries not intentionally inflicted by self or another person

Medical Treatment:Penicillin therapy (treatment with penicillin); Transfusion (transfer of another's blood to a patient) (includes administration of plasma)

This is what is showing on Ancestry from the U.S., World War II Hospital Admission Card Files, 1942-1954.
Also looks like he was admitted to hospital April (Cellulitis) + June to August 1944 (bladder wound from machine gun).

Do you have any further details/photos to add to his record?


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My mother has his photo and one of his letters, but no medical information. This is more information than the family ever had and not what they were told at the time. I will scan Harold's photo and letter. Thank you much!