CHINDITS 1944 Stevens, Leslie John

John Robertson

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Leslie John
  • UNIT
1 Bn Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment (14 Bde)
  • RANK
19th August 1944
  • AGE
Gauhati War Cemetery,India 4.A.15
born Sussex
resided London NW
award M.C.
former Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
61 Column
WIA 8.8.1944 Mogaung,Burma
DOW India





Military Cross : This officer has commanded a rifle platoon in 61 Column from 31st March 1944 until he became wounded in battle on 8th August 1944. He is an extremely cool, conscientious and able officer.

On 21st April 1944 he was ordered to take his platoon to an area about 4 miles SOUTH EAST of INDAW and carry out intensive patrolling with the object of (a) discovering Japanese dumps (b) causing the maximum confusion among the Japanese garrison. Within a very short time he had found three dumps which he pinpointed for air bombing. In order to gain full details of one dump situated in a valley and guarded by a platoon of Japanese at the mouth, he used a portion of his platoon in a feint attack while he with one other soldier entered the dump under the cover of the diversion. During this action three Japs were killed. His recce was highly successful and subsequently the Air Force bombed this well concealed dump with good results. The following day he received information that a mixed party of BTA and Japs were in a village on the outskirts of INDAW. The enemy were reported to be 50 strong. Although the object of his patrol had been completed he decided to carry out a night attack on the village against this stronger force of enemy. The attack was successful and many casualties were inflicted on the enemy. During this attack one of Captain Steven's soldiers was killed, though the fact was not discovered until the following morning. Investigation revealed the body some 50 yards from the Jap guard house. Owing to lack of cover again Captain Stevens crawled to the body in full view of the guard house and ascertained that no incriminating documents were on the body also bringing away the identity discs. Fortunately he was not spotted until he started to withdraw. He was able to kill the Jap sentry. Owing to sickness this officer was left at LAHKREN to assist in L of C and evacuation of sick duties for 14 Bde. He did outstandingly good work and then insisted in rejoining his Column, then some 8 days march away. In the attack on Pt.2171 near MOGAUNG on 8th August 1944 he was badly wounded in the right thigh. However his first care was for other casualties. He organised and assisted in evacuation although bearly able to walk and in considerable pain.

Throughout all these operations of 61 Column this officer has ably demonstrated his powers of leadership his deliberate and calculated audacity. He has been an inspiration to all ranks.

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