US PARAS Thomas, Richard H.

John Robertson

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Richard H.
  • UNIT
508 Parachute Infantry Regiment (RHQ - Communications Platoon)
  • RANK
2nd October 1944
  • AGE
Netherlands American Cemetery,Margraten,Netherlands Plot G Row 5 Grave 11
from Vermillion County,Indiana
born 25.7.1922 Vermillion County,Indiana
son of George H. Thomas,Clinton,Indiana
2 years high school
printing press worker in civilian life
entered service 5.11.1942 Fort Benjamin Harrison,Indiana
KIA Wylerbaan,Holland


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I was a GI baby born in January 1945. My mother told me that my father was an American service man, but would not tell me his name. My mother died recently and I was given a very old document that stated my birth name as Gary Thomas, which was changed a year later by my English father who adopted me in February of 1946.
Since having this document I have discovered a Thomas, Richard H, service number 15335096, who was with the 508 PIR and was based at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham in 1944. In the extended personal notes, a relative has written that he was engaged to be married to an English girl. This is where I need help in confirming whether this is in fact was my real father.
I am thinking, that as he had announced his engagement, he would have told someone in the family of his finance’s name. Do you know if there is a document supporting this, or anyone I could contact to confirm this?

Thank you in advance for any information you may be able to give,

Kind regards,