SAS (TA) Thomson, Ronald Sinclair

Craig Robertson

Staff member
Ronald Sinclair
  • UNIT
23 Special Air Service Regiment
  • RANK
Captain (acting Major)
Member of the Order of the British Empire
London Gazette 50361, 30th December 1985, Page 6


Member of the Order of the British Empire : Major Thomson has served 23 SAS for 17 years but his service to the SAS Group has been even longer. Throughout his career, his example of personal commitment and creative drive have been of inestimable value

His first involvement with the Group was when, as a national service soldier in the RAEC, he was posted to 22 SAS. Although his duties only required him to supervise soldiers education, it was typical of him that he should participate in and success fully complete the arduous selection course for the Regiment.

His service to the Group continued after his period of national service ended.. He joined 21 SAS in London, regularly travelling from his Teeside home to attend training. In 1968, he transferred to the newly formed Leeds squadron. His qualities were quickly recognised and in 1970 he was awarded a commission.

In 1971 as a Second Lieutenant, he was given the task of raising a new squadron in Prudhoe. Within 2 years, the unit was viable to the extent that the Commanding Officer felt able to ask Thomson to take over command of his former squadron as a Lieutenant (Acting Major). In both tasks he had more than justified his Commanding Officer's confidence. As a Second Lieutenant, Thomson had added a squadron to the Group's order of battle and his tour as a squadron commander was also to be enormously successful.

Once again, Thomson's commitment to personal leadership by example was very much in evidence. Tests were proposed to validate the concept of long term operations from dug in hides. A small number of volunteers were required to remain underground and enclosed for 21 days in the cramped, stressful, claustrophobic conditions of a trial hide. Never one to ask others to do what he himself would not, it was Thomson who represented the Regiment and his squadron.

Major Thomson is one of the founders of the modern Regiment. His willingness and ability to shoulder responsibility has allowed a succession of Commanding Officers to demand of him contributions out of all proportion to his rank. His advice was crucial in setting up a second squadron, this time in Scotland. Above all, his flair for leadership and the elan with which he conducts his training has been an inspiration to Regular and Volunteer alike. For his outstanding contribution to his Regiment and the SAS Group over 23 years, Major Thomson deserves the highest praise and his record demands recognition.

Place : SAS Group
Date of Action : 1962 to date
How Employed : Various Appointments


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