22 SAS Tinnion, Bradley

Date of death

John Robertson

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  • UNIT
D Squadron
  • RANK
Lance Corporal
10th September 2000
  • AGE
Hereford (St Martin's) Churchyard,Herefordshire SAS Regimental Plot
parent unit 29 Commando Regiment,Royal Artillery (Bombardier)
from Harrogate,Yorkshire
born 13.2.1972
son of Charles Tinnion and Phyllis Collins
partner of Anna Homsi (daughter Georgia born after his death)
joined SAS 1998
award Mention in Despatches (posthumous)
KIA Sierra Leone (Op.Barras)
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russell davis

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Bradley Tinnion

The first and only man I ever followed in a battle.
always in my thoughts,
zike aka ghost
ps, I bet you were having a good old laugh when they were trying to get the snake out of my pants at Tora Bora! bet it was you put it there!

stuart spires

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Bradley Tinnion

Bradley i told you i would remember, you was my best mate, allways there for me.
Your daughter is so beautiful, i am sitting here remembering our adventures lol, 10 yrs today my old mukka, god bless you, i will never forget you mate, true warrior xxx


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Bradley Tinnion

A brave man that i did not know,
your daughter "Georgia" is now nine and a half years old,I am eleven,
my name is Lexy, and Georgia is my best friend...
she non-stops talking about all the things you had done even though she never saw you.
Anna is great I go round to their house all the time!!!
they are re-doing it really nice. thank you