Transcript - Operation Pistol - Damage Inflicted on the Enemy



This list in an interim report is necessarily incomplete.

Sjt. Williams A 2.

20/21st September.
Concrete pylon carrying H.T. cables destroyed at Q 304???

23rd September.
Cattle train derailed at Q 325398.

S.Q.M.S. Alcock C 3.

19th September.
Light engine and tender derailed at Q 383398.

27th September.
Signal lines cut with time pencils at Q 1424.

Lieut. Birnie B 1.

17th September.
Intended to lay charges in tunnel. (Subsequently all traffic reliably reported stopped for 4 days.) Attack probably successful.

Pct. Nicols B 2.

22nd and 26th September.
Charges laid on two railway lines, at Q 783255 and Q 7????? respectively. (Results not observed.)

30th September.
Tyre bursters laid on the Schalbach - Rauwiller road, Q 563237.

8/12th October.
Tyre bursters laid on the Assenencourt - Dieuze road, Q 292196.

13th October.
Tyre bursters laid on the road to Gelucourt, at Q 2601??. A minimum of 3 vehicles immobilised.
Tim you have not noted my dads damage accurately. He killed several of the enemy in hand to hand combat at Koecking Bois. When he blew up the small troop train I found out recently that two German officers were killed in the explosion.