transcript - operation pistol - planning and mounting



Planning and Mounting

This operation was planned with the intention of harassing the enemy's road and rail communications running Eastwards from the front between Metz and Nancy and on the approaches to the Rhine Plain. At the time an advance by the American forces appeared probable.
It was decided to drop four parties, each of which should divide into two on landing.
For party areas see map opposite, and the table below.

A1 South-West of St. Avold.

A2 Benestroff Area.

B1 West of Ingwiller.

B2 Saargemuend area.

C1 Zabern Gap.

C2 South-West of Saarburg.

D1 and D2 were intended to work on the roads Gerardmer - Colmar and Bussang - Thann respectively.

Parties selected were as follows:-

Lieut. G.N.M. Darwall (67113)
13301840 Cpl. Bovio C.
13301332 Cpl. Fedosseff M.
161025 Cpl. Melvin T.
3052952 Pct. Frost P.
-- Pct. Malicki S.

777958 Sjt. Williams E.
13301482 Pct. Haeberle E.
5192023 Pct. Mace D.
319435 Pct. Sheville A.
10560631 Pct. Williams W.
14624570 Pct. Keeble J.

Lieut. R.J. Birnie (237921)
5959049 L/Cpl. Davison W.
5123699 L/Cpl. Birkenshaw D.
41177 Cpl. Voisin G.
14296405 Pct. Clowes A.
4983016 Pct. Goodfellow A.
2766481 Pct. Nicols A.
13809492 Pct. Wertheim J.

Lieut. G.C. Castellain (77329)
4644621 Cpl. Laybourne J.
1799461 Pct. Arnold H.
4127874 Pct. Stainton J.
847426 Pct. Ashe C.
13301930 Pct. Wrobel S.

Capt. M.W. Scott (98803)
Lieut. L. Grumbach (77)
815148 Cpl. Hill G.
7883439 Pct. Cockburn J.
4866586 Pct. Fawthorpe E.
200085 Pct. Edwards A.

2657449 SQMS Alcock J.
7904401 Cpl. Hannah W.
1930804 L/Cpl. Holden D.
1900376 Pct. Wheeler C.
1882792 Pct. Bancroft K.
7421105 Pct. Marczak S.
17435206 Pct. Lyczak J.

Capt. R.J. Holland (47554)
Lieut. F. Cooper
1524179 SMI Ellis W.
1461384 Pct. Searle N.
13301363 Pct. Gustas J.
5338860 Pct. Hawe M.

Lieut. Denison
872455 Sjt. Keyte
838602 Pct. Campbell A.
3187755 Pct. Frazer T.
42051352 Pct. Duncan D.
13809465 Pct. Pendli J.