US PARAS Valentinelli, Albert Francis

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Albert Francis
  • UNIT
505 Parachute Infantry Regiment (RHQ)
  • RANK
First Lieutenant
3rd January 1945
  • AGE
Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, Belgium Plot A Row 14 Grave 28
born 08.04.1913, Glen White, West Virginia, USA
father Pio Valentinelli (1872-1918)
mother Maria Domenica (nee Deromedi) Valentinelli (1887-1918)
from 519 East Elm Street, Tamaqua, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
attended Mount Carmel Township Schools
foster parents Ben & Catherine Deromedi of 442 West Girard Street, Atlas, Pennsylvania (Uncle & Aunt)
14.08.1930 entered service Fort Slocum, New York
1934 re-enlisted
06.1944 commissioned as 2nd Lt.
WIA Holland (wounded in hand and arm)
award Bronze Star
1987 BSM awarded to sister Josephine Lloyd Tamaqua
KIA Belgium
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Hello, I am the great grandnephew of 1 LT Albert "Val" Valentinelli. Thank you for posting this. He was born in 1913 and was an NCO at the start of WW II and having been an infantry trainer and advisor in China prior to Pearl Harbor, he was stuck at the Infantry School at Ft. Benning. As a wily NCO, so the family story goes, he became aware that his ticket to the war was to go to OCS & volunteer for the Airborne. We know he jumped during D-Day and Market Garden (where he was wounded) but are not sure if he was in Sicily or Italy prior. One of his younger troops contacted my aunt in the 1990s, and one of the take aways was he really did not like to jump, so he made sure he had one of two young hot shots who liked jumping always behind him in the stick with standing orders that if he hesitated, shove him out the door. At the time of his death, he was the Heavy Weapons platoon commander and was out checking on his guys when air burst artillery brought down large tree debris on him. There is a Belgian family that tends his grave, and one on the sons later became a Belgian Army paratrooper. I was career Air Force and another of his grandnephews, my cousin Cullen, is a carrier qualified naval aviator and Reserve officer. I know we have both carried our granduncle's sprit with us during our military service. God bless you all!

Terrance (Terry) Albert LLoyd
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