SOE van der Post, Laurens Jan

John Robertson

Staff member
van der Post

Laurens Jan

  • UNIT
Special Mission 43,Java

  • RANK
Lieutenant Colonel

EC 148089

Commander of the Order of the British Empire

Java 1942

parent unit Intelligence Corps
Laurens Jan van der Post
born 13.12.1906 Philippolis,Orange River County,South Africa
originally Lourens Jan van der Post
son of Christian Willem Hendrik and Lammie van der Post
educated Grey College,Bloemfontein 1918
reporter,The Natal Advertiser,Durban 1925
reporter,Cape Times 1929
dairy farmer,Gloucestershire,England
British Army May 1940
commissioned January 1941
Intelligence Corps
East Africa (Captain)
Gideon Force,Abyssinia
SOE Dutch East Indies
Special Mission 43,Java
POW 20.4.1942 Java
retired from Army 1947
awarded C.B.E. 1947
postwar author,political adviser,educator,journalist,explorer,etc
married Marjorie Edith Wendt 8.3.1928 Bridport,Dorset (died 1995) (divorced 1949) (2 children)
married Ingaret Giffard 13.10.1949 (died 1997)
died 16.12.1996 London,England
ashes buried Philippolis,South Africa
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