Wearing of Grandfaters SAS tie


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Any advice on this? twice a year I wear my grandfathers SAS tie in remembrance to him and all those who fought. Usually on his birthday and remembrance Sunday.

Is this ok or not the done thing? I have seen relatives wearing medals on the right breast at remembrance but thought this would be the place for clarification. I have checked the RBL website and its a bit vague. Ideally any former members advice should nail it.

Thanks in advance
Hi Chris,
It all depends on how its percieved by others at events, such as on remembrance day. I assume no one has asked/challenged you about being a fomer member of the Regiment when you were wearing the tie ?
I completely understand your good intentions....Medals are different as these are awards/issued to the recipient and therefore if worn by a family member at such events, then readily accepted now as the family's own tribute to a loved one sadly no longer with us....Maybe just folding the tie up and having it in your pocket could be one solution ?? just my thought....
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It depends what sort of event it is, but on a 'family day' or parade of remembrance I think you should wear it confidently and proudly. Club, school and association ties were first introduced so members could recognise each other and see they had something in common. I have several times in my life recognised my old regimental or school tie and started up a conversation with a complete stranger.

It would be wrong of you to wear it pretending you were in the SAS (which I know is not your intention) but it may well mean that someone connected with the regiment starts up a conversation with you in which you can confidently and proudly explain whose it is and why you're wearing it. You might find the other person knew of him and have a great conversation leading to pints and war stories...
Brother, wear that Tie with the honour your grand father earned the right to own it , it's in the Blood ... Your showing the respect to your grandfather and the regiment he served .

From an ex-para
Personally I would not wear my father's tie. It was his and not mine and it might give the wrong impression. I think it might be acceptable for you at a family occasion, where everyone would understand, however not with the family in a public place for me. I would not have expected my father to wear my old school tie in support of me. In the end it is your choice.

Relative of ex SAS soldier.