DAMBUSTERS Whitaker, Arthur Neville

John Robertson

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Arthur Neville
  • UNIT
617 Squadron,R.A.F.
  • RANK
Pilot officer
16th May 1943
  • AGE
Runnymede Memorial,Surrey,England Panel 134
enlisted RAF 3.9.1939
9 RW 10.5.1941
12 ITW 21.5.1941
4 AOS 6.9.1941
13 OTU 14.4.1942
25 OTU 13.7.1942
49 CF 31.10.1942
467 Squadron 9.11.1942
617 Squadron 28.3.1943 (Sgt)
Pilot Officer 18.5.1943
air bomber
Lancaster ED934
Op.Chastise (Sorpe Dam)
hit by flak on Texel and crashed Waddenzee,Holland


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Arthur Neville Whitaker

out for xmas lunch with family friend of Neville (age 96 also RAF) in 2009 - he talked about their best xmas - in Lakes pre-war. my respects to an unsung hero...


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Neville was a much valued friend of my parents, Bill and Janet Boothman. He was Best Man at their wedding - September 16th, 1939. I believe that he often visited them when they lived in the Dunsop Bridge/Whitewell area (then Yorkshire). My father was a gamekeeper and my mother was Headteacher of the very small Whitewell School. At that time, I imagine that Neville would have been in his late twenties/early thirties as were Bill and Janet. I have kept many family photos and have a number of black and white ones showing Neville and my parents out walking in the countryside, rearing fields, etc. There is a watercolour painted by Neville which I think depicts a view from Closes Cottage when mum and dad lived there.
After Neville's tragic death, my parents tried in vain to find out the whereabouts of his brother whom they had met before. Unfortunately, I can't remember his first name but I remember that the Blackpool area was mentioned and that ..........? had been part of a variety act: "The Cordites"?!
Mum mentioned a Mrs. Whitaker to me and I have a feeling that she lived in Blackpool. She gave mum a necklace which I still have. I know that Gary Whitaker (a nephew or great nephew of Neville) has provided information about Neville for 'The Complete Dambusters' by Charles Foster. If Gary or any other family wishes to have the photos, etc., please write a reply on this site. I'm sure that we can find a way to make direct contact. Lynn.