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Josef Kahane

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I just found out about this site recently and was proud to find details about my late father, Karl Kahane, who served in the SIG and then in the S.A.S. in North-Africa during W.W.2 (under the command of the "Phantom Major" David Sterling).
My father (who was born in 1900) took part in W.W.1 (in the Austro-Hungarian Army), immigrited to Palestine/Israel in 1938, and joined the forces when he was about 40 years old. He fought in the S.B.S.(with the lagendary Andres Lasen), according to the stories I heard when I was a little boy, mostly in the Aeagean Sea (Greece).
There are pictures of my father in the Gallery of this site (p. 33 - portrait; and p. 49 - on a boat)
After the war and the establishment of The State of Israel he was one of the founders of the Paratroopers Unit of the IDF.
Unfortunately he passed away in an accident, in 1974.
If there is someone around, who knew my father, or heard about him from family members who served with him, please contact me