PARAS 2 Widdowson, Peter Raymond

Craig Robertson

Staff member
Peter Raymond
  • UNIT
Parachute Regiment
  • RANK
Staff Sergeant
British Empire Medal
London Gazette 48837, 30th December 1981, Page 22


British Empire Medal : Colour Sergeant Widdowson has been an E1 Recruiter since August 1977. During that time he has been employed at the Army Careers Information Office Springboig, one of thirteen outstations of the Main office in Glasgow, covering Central and Strathclyde Regions.

His knowledge of recruiting is excellent. He is especially noted by him superiors and subordinates alike for his wise counsel and help. His office has many visitors and is renowned for its high morale. The recruiting figures are good at all times.

By his own initiative, he has been accepted by The Glasgow District Council and the Springboig Community Council, as a Youth Leader and the organiser of The Old Folks Club. During the past year he has given up almost every weekend and many evenings in order to help the local people, in a somewhat deprived area of the City. By his own initiative and drive, he has been instrumental in persuading The District Council in late 1980 to provide toilet facilities in the Youth Club premises costing many thousands of pounds. This was achieved during a financial embargo for such undertakings. In addition he has arranged Band Concerts, football matches, games nights and many other activities.

He has a tremendous reputation in his area and the people of Springboig and Easterhouse Counties look upon him as a demi-god. In Springboig in particular, he has become known to almost every resident and golden opinions have been won by him from The Glasgow District Council, The Community Council, The Glasgow Police, Pensioners, Parents and by no mean least, The Teenagers in his Youth Club,

Colour Sergeant Widdowson's outstanding work during duty and off duty hours, coupled with the way he has established his high reputation and that of the Army, in a densely populated area of Glasgow, is such that he is considered worthy to be recognised by an award.

Date of Action : 1980/81
How Employed : E1 RECRUITER


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