Yoachim Kalkstein ('Jo') 2nd SAS

William Oakes

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I would like to do further research into Jo Kalkstein (details so far appear under 'Roll of Honour' on this website). In Roy Farran's book 'Winged Dagger' he states that Jo served 'on several operations' with him. I suspect these are Italian raids and may be North African. I have Jo's Army Service Record and it states that he was 'officially' transferred from the Royal Pioneer Corps to 2nd SAS on 28th March, 1944 having enlisted on 20th February, 1943 @ Hussein Dey in North Algiers. I suspect that if he was 'on several operations' some were before he 'officially' transferred to 2nd SAS (perhaps a case of not getting 'round to the paperwork regarding his status until much later!)I've come across a 'Pct Josef - Pole' in a report 'Sleepy Lad' 'B' (18th December, 1943). Any suggestions which other possible operations? Finally, through John Roberston's efforts on this website, I was telephoned by a cousin of Jo's from Canada after she had found the reference to Jo. Her family were not fully aware of Jo's activities and are eager for more information. If I can show Italian activities for Jo, his family would be entitled to claim the Italy Star which Jo's Army Service Record does not record. He was awarded the France/Germany Star for the single day's service when he was parachuted into Operations Wallace/Hardy but died because his static line had been damaged by aircraft battery acid.
Thanks for your two comments - will check the Termoli operation. Yes, as in the words of the report I have seen when he was first enlisted from an Internment Camp ( Berrouaghia ) the Intelligence Officer wrote - "speaking German like a native". He was born in Berlin of a Polish father and German mother. Will let you know how I get on.
Thanks - will look out for that possibility but this may require a search @ National Archives. I checked the Termoli but could not immediately find his name but the earlier operational reports appear to be a bit remiss in listing participants. It could be that he was using a pseudonym as he was one of 'His Majesty's Loyal Enemy Aliens' given his nationality. As you know, some of the 'foreign' nationals in the SAS used pseudonyms to protect themselves e.g. Fedoseev used 'Edwards' and Malicki used 'Anderson' - thanks again for your suggestions. Wm.