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LTC, AUS (Ret) US Army
Civil Affairs and Psycholgical Operations
Vietnam, enlisted service (25th Infantry Division (68-69), Commissioned Service: Operation Desert Storm (Kuwait Task Force), Operation Iraqi Freedom (2005-2006)
Hi Craig, I have a short time ago received a spam email from offering

Kind regards
Craig Robertson
Craig Robertson
Hi Ron, thanks for reporting. Unfortunately some spam bots pass through the website spam checker.
I have deleted the user balmeena813 as a spammer, hopefully this was same one that sent you message.
Note i removed the rest of your post above in case someone clicks the links.
best regards, Craig
Legal Counsel Marek Zarządzki.Legal Adviser for the Government.Ministry of Transport. Infrastructure.Lawyer. Senior Expert at the Management Office of PZU Insurance Company AG.I'm represented PZU S.A. at General Meetings of Shareholders in Vilnius.Head of the Department at Management Office of DAEWOO Insurance Company AG. Second Secretary for Economic Affairs at the Polish Embassy in Vilnius.
Hello Craig, I replied to your Email in which you sent me the Photo then saw the instruction not to reply.Is this where I need to be to reply and send photos
Craig Robertson
Craig Robertson
Hi Jeff, thanks replied to your email. You can attach here or by email.
I have just joined, I was sorry to hear that your Father had died Craig.

I am finding the contents of the Website very interesting. I have been researching the Area of the Indre as I live here. Our home is 9km from Tendu, I have visited the SOE Memorial Site here, amazing.

Argenton sur Creuse seems steeped in SOE/Resistance activities.
Kind regards
Is there anyone out there who had a relative or who served In Ww2 with HQ SO(M), Force 399, no 1special force or 2nd independent parachute brigade. My grandfather was a Royal Army medical corps Airborne medic he served BEF, ME, CMF joined HQ SO (M) and S.O.E s Force 399 to jump in to the Balkans to work with the J.A.N.L then Italian&GreekPartisans. Thanks
Victor Henry Lusted was an uncle of mine, brother to my father Reginald Ernest Edward Lusted (who was a "key" communications man during WW II.
Attached are some images of Victor Henty Lusted, which you may place on your website.
I did not know of uncle Vic's bravery?....was a good read.....and proud of him....Lest we forget!!
Lord Frank Weber
Lord Frank Weber
I am currently researching archives as I am writing a PhD-thesis about Lord Beaverbrook and his ties to the intelligence community and secret operations 1941-1945 in the Nordic countries. I am at the moment looking into the merits of one of his sons, Peter Rudyard Aitken, who seems to have been involved in some intelligence operations in Norway during 1942.
I have also been researching the Defence Platoon as the men seem to have previously served in the SAS Regt.
Hi John, Sir.
I had to change internet service provider in 2014. I am currently with Utility Warehouse. My previous computer, with so much research stored on it about my grandfather Lt. Colonel Jimmy Magee, Knight of Malta, 21 Ind, Co and 22 Ind Co as company commander, after being commissioned in 1943, was hacked into with an agressive destructive virus, which in spite of all attempts, had to be decommissioned carefully, although I did save some information on a disk. I am glad the photo from IWM Paradata at Hardwick Hall in 1942 is still on this site. Is it possible you still have the excellent article you wrote, based on information I supplied in 2013? I have had some murmers from my family, less informed about Grandad's life, but I spent a lot of time with him, and with his friends in the UDR etc, with whom he served as 2Ic 10 UDR Belfast, between 1977 and 1981, when he retired completely as a Lt. Colonel
Hello Matte, I am still writing my book on Operation Pistol - send me your email and I will send to you some information. M father was also part of the Multo Stanco group photograph. SQMS J Alcock 2 SAS. My email is
On my Easter trip to the Operational area of Pistol 1944 I discovered from local people that two German officers were killed on the train that my father and his men blew off the lines. I also discovered the Gestapo visited a farm where he and his patrol were hiding. The SAS were just behind a door within the farm and ready to shoot the Gestapo if they had opened it.
I was amazed to have a reply at all and just happened to visit the web site. Yes, I would want to read your blog. Thank you so much. Helen
Hello, your father has several mentions in my fathers diary in the years 1943 and 44 when he was a junior officer in the 69 LAA I misread the name when transcribing but it is definitely him. If you want to read it I am publishing it as a blog on you go to the earlier sections and also in March 1944. Not very revealing, I'm afraid but seems they knew each other well.