Source : WO 179/1994 National Archives
Thanks to Mark Hickman of Pegasus Archive for supplying the War Diary :

Field1 Aug 43Showers in the morning clear in the afternoon, rain in evening. H.Q. had a parade in the morning about the dress they should wear. All personnel were allowed to go to town till 2230 hrs.
2 Aug 43Weather very clear. Bn. had a pay parade at 093 hrs. One Pte. from every hut went on a 48 hr. leave, was to be back by 2359 hrs, 3 Aug 43, and was to be on guard while Bn. is on leave.
3 Aug 43Weather very clear. Bn. had an inspection by Colonel Ralston, at 1000 hrs. and a march past. H.Q. and A Coys, were given a 48 hr. pass from 1200 hrs. 3 Aug. to 1200 hrs. 5 Aug. 1943. All personnel were taken to Woking or Sunningdale railway stations. Mostly all personnel went to London on leave.
4 Aug 43Weather clear. B and C Coys, were given 48 hr. passes to proceed to London. B Coy was taken to Sunningdale to take train to London. C Coy was taken to Woking for same purpose.
5 Aug 43Rain all day. H.Q. and A Coys, returned from their 48 hr. leave. B and C Coys still on leave.
6 Aug 43Cloudy and slight rain in morning, windy and cloudy all afternoon. B and C Coys personnel returned from their 48 hr. leave. Personnel received mail for the first time since arriving in England. Air raid siren was sounded at approx. 0200 hrs. reason unknown. Had an R.C. & Protestant church parade. Personnel of these religions were given a small talk by a Protestant Pastor and an R.C. Pastor.
7 Aug 43Cloudy in morning. Bn. started morning runs. Personnel of this Bn. were given late passes to proceed to Sunningdale.
8 Aug 43Slight rain in the morning, windy in the afternoon. Bn. had an R.C. church parade at 0815 hrs. All R.C. attended this parade. Most personnel went to near by towns in the afternoon. Some late passes were given.
9 Aug 43Weather cloudy and windy, slight showers.
10 Aug 43Weather cloudy and slight rain in morning, clear and warm in afternoon. Personnel of this Bn. were told to have all kit bags ready to be moved by 1500 hrs. All battle order equipment was to be blanked dark green. Personnel were C. B. until ground around buildings was properly cleaned.
11 Aug 43Reveille was at 0400 hrs. Bn. left Chobham camp at 0630 hrs. by transport to Woking station. Bn. embarked on train at 0900 hrs. arrived at Bulford camp at 1230 hrs. All personnel were given billets.
12 Aug 43Weather was clear in the morning cloudy and uncertain in the evening.
13 Aug 43Weather was cloudy and cool all day. All personnel were paid in the morning.
14 Aug 43Weather cool all day. Personnel of this Bn. had a short talk by Brigadier Hill Comd. of the 3td Para. Bde. A and B Coys went on a 36 hr. leave, remainder of the Bn. were given passes from after duty till 2400 hrs.
15 Aug 43Weather very clear all day. Bn. had a C of E church parade at 1030 hrs. H.Q. and A Coys were on duty in the afternoon. B and C Coys were on pass. A movie was shown in the Bn. gym. A great number of personnel attended this movie.
16 Aug 43Weather clear and warm. Bn. started a two mile morning run. Most personnel of this Bn. saw gliders landing just outside of camp area. Gliders were Horsa type. Lt. Girvan went on a 62 mile forced march.
17 Aug 43Weather clear and warm. Mortar pl. went on a 21 mile forced march. Left camp at 0400 hrs. and arrived back at 0710 hrs. C Coy. went on a forced march at 2100 hrs.
18 Aug 43Weather cloudy in morning. C Coy. returned from forced march at 0700 hrs. Personnel of C Coy. complained of sore feet. The reinforcements left for Hardwick for parachute and ground training.
19 Aug 43Weather foggy in the morning clear and warm during the day. Second pair of black boots were issued to the personnel of this Bn. Companies were reviewing battle drill. H.Q. and A Coys. passes were cancelled for this week-end.
20 Aug 43Weather clear during the day. Rain in the evening. Personnel were issued with new helmets. All Coys. were reviewing battle drill.
21 Aug 43Rain all day. All personnel were issued with airborne smocks and string vests.
22 Aug 43Weather uncertain during the day. There was a voluntary church parade for C of E and R.C. The Y.M.C.A. gave a movie in our gym. Many of the personnel attended this movie.
23 Aug 43Reveille was at 0400 hrs. Bn. was to be ready to move off on Frigate scheme by 0600 hrs., Left Bn. area at 0615 hrs. and marched to Hale 23 miles south of Bulford. Arrived at Hale at 1300 hrs. Personnel prepared billets for the night. One pl. from B Coy. was sent out on a patrol. O.P's. were posted during the night.
24 Aug 43Weather clear. Bn. has not moved from its position. Reports received enemy troops have been sighted near by. Platoons were sent out to investigate. Enemy troops were not seen again. Bn. was warned to be ready to move by 1430 hrs. Guards were posted during the night.
25 Aug 43Reveille was at 0500 hrs. Bn. was told to stand to. Bn. moved by transport at 1030 hrs. to Picket Post, and went into action against enemy troops and tanks.
26 Aug 43Slight rain in morning, clear the rest of the day. Personnel were given the morning off to clean up their billets, for an inspection in the afternoon. No morning run due to personnel being tired from returning from Frigate scheme.
27 Aug 43Weather clear.
28 Aug 43Weather was cloudy and windy during the day. All personnel were given a 36 hr. leave. Majority went to London and other nearby towns.
29 Aug 43Weather was clear all day. There was a voluntary church parade for the personnel that did not proceed on pass. Unit stores arrive at Newcastle-on-Tyne, about the SS Telapa.
30 Aug 43Weather was clear all day, except for slight rain in the morning. There was a Bn. muster parade at 1600 hrs. The muster parade was a check up on names and addresses of next of kin.
31 Aug 43Weather clear all day. Training went on as per schedule.
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