Military Cross (Bar) - Marshall, Lionel Guy Bradford
Capt Marshall was in command of two Troops who were ordered to go to Rotondo. During the night advance one Troop became separated. This officer carried on with his depleted force about two miles behind the enemy lines for 36 hours. During which time lines of communication were cut, four enemy strong posts were wiped out and important information as to the location of an ammunition dump and a tank forming up position was brought back. At one time Capt. Marshall's force was pinned to the ground by fire from tanks. The only line of withdrawal for his force was across a road into a gully. The road was covered by fire from the leading tank. Capt. Marshall himself worked his way round to the tank and armed only with a pistol jumped on to the tank and tried to attack the crew inside. This diversion was sufficient to cause the tank to withdraw, and thus leave the line of withdrawal open to Capt. Marshall's patrol. Throughout this operation Capt. Marshall displayed very great powers of leadership and initiative, and he was instrumental in that the force sustained very few casualties, although causing considerable disruption to the enemy.
Military Cross - Ecrepont, Edward William
On the 22nd Jan 44 after the crossing of the river GARIGLIANO, Capt. Ecrepont was in command of a force consisting of two troops, which had orders to seize and hold the essential feature to the NORTH of MOUNT CASTELLUCCIO. In the face of heavy opposition he gained his objective - and in spite of repeated counter attacks held the position for 36 hours until relieved. In the course of this operation 46 of the enemy were taken prisoner.

The successful capture of this most important feature was made possible by the skilful leadership and determination of Capt. Ecrepont. His complete disregard for his personal safety was a magnificent inspiration to the men under his command.
Military Cross - O'Brien, John Patrick
22/1/44 Crossing of the GARIGLIANO.

This officer showed great leadership and courage throughout a night patrol in the ROTONDO area. He personally led a small party to form a road block in a position which was covered by enemy S.A. fire. Finding the fire too intense to proceed he placed his party in a position to cover his personal advance, and he himself went forward and silenced an M.G. post with grenades. The road block was then formed and no casualties were sustained.

Three days later, Capt. O'Brien was ordered to take a patrol of 10 in order to discover if enemy forces were forming up in a dry wadi South of CASTELFORTE. The patrol encountered some "S" mines and 7 were badly wounded including himself. After seeing that the wounded were withdrawn safely he himself made his way back to Commando H.Q. to make his report. The distance he travelled was about 2 miles and after making his report he collapsed.

This officer showed great courage, disregard for personal safety and displayed extreme devotion to duty.
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Military Medal - Gorman, James John
22/1/44. Crossing of the GARIGLIANO

This N.C.O. was in command of a platoon which were the only Troops on the forward slopes of the DAMIANO feature. His position was being heavily mortared and covered by intense enemy S.A. fire. As it was impossible to move his platoon without sustaining many casualties he himself took two men round to a flank under heavy fire from the enemy, where, with bren gun and two T.S.M.G.'s he forced the enemy to withdraw from their position, causing some casualties. Through his extreme courage and decisive action, he no doubt saved his platoon from further casualties.
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Military Medal - Hawkins, Kenneth Scott
22/1/44 Crossing of the GARIGLIANO River.
On 22nd Jan 44, north of the River Garigliano, C.S.M. Hawkins led a small patrol consisting of himself and six men. On encountering a German patrol of greatly superior strength he outwitted, by skilful leadership, and succeeded in capturing 12 prisoners.

Later he led out a second patrol and this time returned with a further 18 prisoners. During the whole operation his courage, initiative and coolness were of the highest order and were a fine example and inspiration to the men under his command.
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Military Medal - Johnson, George Albert Thomas William
22/1/44 Crossing of the GARIGLIANO River.

Whilst holding a position NORTH of the river GARIGLIANO on 22nd Jan 44 one man of Corporal Johnson's section was hit by machine gun fire and lay, in the open, badly wounded. Any attempt to reach the injured man was met with intense fire but Cpl. Johnson, completely disregarding his personal safety, went forward. Before he had completed the journey he fell severely wounded in the hip. Undeterred he continued to crawl forward until he reached the wounded man. He then moved him out of direct enemy fire, tended his wounds and remained with him until it was possible under cover of darkness for them both to be brought in.

His action undoubtedly saved the life of his comrade. His personal courage and devotion to duty was a great inspiration to all who saw him.
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Military Medal - Malcolm, George
Sgt Kinnear was acting in the capacity of Troop Sergeant Major during Operation 'IMPACT' 10-13 Apr 45, and became at once an outstanding figure on the battlefield. In the area of MENATE the Commando met stiff enemy opposition on a narrow front, with the additional hazards of deeply sown minefields. Heavy toll was taken of unit personnel. During this critical period, with morale badly shaken and the success of the operation in the balance, Sgt KINNEAR emerged as a leader of the highest qualities. Tirelessly applying himself to the welfare of his men he moved freely through his section positions, succouring the wounded and exhorting tired men to renewed effort. In so doing he was repeatedly exposed to enemy SA fire, but by demonstrating complete disregard for his own safety he so stimulated the Troop that it was able to resume the attack and capture the objective.

During the many operations carried out by 40 (RM) Cdo from SICILIY to ARGENTA, Sgt Kinnear has been conspicuous by his gallantry.

During an operation on the DALMATION Island of BRAC in June 1944, he was again acting as Troop Sergeant Major. When heavy casualties had been sustained he went out alone over open ground to evacuate many of them under fire. Again in the same action he evacuated two casualties from the middle of a Schu minefield, and later returned to the summit of a hill within easy range of the enemy positions to evacuate wounded left behind in the withdrawal, although he was forced to retire by accurate sniping.

Within his troop and within the unit, Sgt KINNEAR has been a tower of strength. With always a helping hand for the weak, a word of encouragement to the faint hearted and above all, by his own shining example he has upheld the highest traditions of his Corps and of the British SNCO.
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Military Medal - Patrick, Neil
22/1/44. Crossing of the GARIGLIANO.

This Corporal accompanied the patrol to ROTONDO. The force was pinned to the ground by enemy small arms fire and was also being engaged by tanks. Despite this, Cpl. Patrick worked his way forward to the road and threw a 77 grenade under an armoured car which was set on fire. He then withdrew his section into a gulley under cover. Later whilst on a night patrol "S" mines were encountered and 7 men were wounded including the officer in command. Cpl. Patrick being the only N.C.O. left, was entirely responsible for organising the evacuation of the wounded despite a German patrol passing within ten yards of him. He himself carried many of the wounded back to safety. Throughout the operation Cpl. Patrick showed extreme courage and was responsible for the saving of many lives.
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