• 3rd October
Distinguished Conduct Medal - Convery, John James
Sgt Convery in Q Tp. became the only S.N.C.O. in the Tp. remaining unwounded after all three officers had become casualties. He took command of the Tp. and carried on holding the left flank where severe fighting was taking place. Later when ordered over to the right flank he himself killed 15 Germans with a bren gun. Throughout the action Sgt. Convery displayed courage and leadership of the very highest order and he was responsible for organising the Tp. in its defensive position during two counter attacks.
Military Cross - Bradley, John William Evance
Captain Bradley was commanding Q Troop the leading troop in the advance through TERMOLI. At the Railway bridge he came under heavy fire from the houses in the vicinity. Very heavy fighting ensued and about 30 Germans were captured including a Headquarters. Later he was wounded by a mortar bomb in the arm and chest but carried on in command until ordered to the R.A.P. Throughout the action Capt.Bradley was an inspiration to his troop. He showed great courage. In spite of wounds he fought his troop out of a position surrounded by Germans and withheld some three counter-attacks.
Military Cross - Marshall, Lionel Guy Bradford
TERMOLI 3/10/43. At about 0830hrs. Capt.Marshall was ordered to advance with his Troop to the road Junction at 7977. On starting off his troop was held up by machine gun fire from the left, which was coming from the vicinity of a ridge. He himself took two sections consisting of 16 men in order to deal with the situation and sent the remainder of his troop round to the right to continue the advance guard. When Capt.Marshall located the enemy he found they were about 40 strong and their fire power consisted of 2 M.G. 's and 6 L.M.G.'s. He, at once realising that he had been seen and the enemy had a greater fire power ordered his two sections into line and leading his men made a bayonet charge on the position with his Brens and automatics being fired from the hip. In spite of heavy fire no casualties were sustained in Capt. Marshall's party, due entirely to the force and determination of the attack, completely demoralising the enemy, 10 Germans were killed, 8 wounded, and 20 taken prisoner. The extremely courageous leadership of Capt.Marshall was instrumental in the complete success of the attack, and the annhialation of this position enabled the advance to continue without delay.
Military Medal - Aylett, Basil McGonigle
Sgt.Aylett was acting as T.S.M. to A Tp. whose objective was the port and Eastern end of TERMOLI. A L.M.G. post was located in a house which was holding up the advance of the Troop. His Tp.Comdr. had just been shot in the head from the position. In spite of a bullet wound through his arm causing great pain Sgt.Aylett proceeded clear of the house with a small party and killed two Germans in the position. Later he collapsed and was taken to the Hos. Sgt.Aylett displayed great courage and disregard for his own personal safety throughout this action.
  • 3rd - 7th October
Distinguished Service Order - Manners, James Calvert
At TERMOLI between OCT 3 and OCT 7 Lieut Colonel MANNERS was in command of No. 40 (RM) Commando. He commanded the initial successful assault on the town with great success, showing fine skill and initiative. Later at the cross roads WEST of TERMOLI he organized a road block which trapped eight German vehs, all personnel being killed or captured. During the critical counter-attack period he organized and held an important sector and preserved it intact in face of infantry and tank attacks with all supporting weapons. He showed a complete contempt of danger and was continually on the move visiting and organizing his posts. His general bearing was an example to all ranks during the critical period.
Military Cross - Hellings, Peter William Cradock
At TERMOLI from OCT 3rd to 7th Major HELLINGS was 2 i/c No. 40 (RM) Commando. His first task was to capture the port and neighbouring buildings. He showed great skill and initiative during this phase and his party killed and captured a considerable number of enemy. Later, during the critical counter- attack period he showed outstanding leadership and was continually in the advanced positions encouraging and organizing his posts. He moved from post to post completely regardless of danger and by his cheerful and resolute bearing did much to save the situation.
Military Medal - Usher, Frederick George
Cpl Usher was in command of a patrol ordered to the railway bridge two miles North of TERMOLI. He was informed by some Italians that the bridge was held by Germans. He decided to attack it. The sentry was surprised and shot by the Bren gunner and several Germans retreating over the bridge were wounded. He found the bridge prepared for demolition and although knowing little about it he cut all the wires he could see. Two days later he took out another patrol and succeeded in accurately finding out the enemy positions to our front. His initiative and leadership throughout the action were of a very high standard.
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