Precis of Report by Sgt. Robinson


Sgt. Robinson, Sgt. Stokes, and Pct. Curtis, split from Lt. Bell's party on the 9th September 1943, and set out for their objective on the Bologna - Prato railway line.

They reached a point overlooking the line on the 13th of September. On the 14th of September they laid their charges fog-signal fashion between a station and the mouth of a tunnel, hoping in this way to out both tracks and block the tunnel. They observed the charge explode but were unable to assess damage caused.

On the 21st of September they joined up with a band of Italians, but split from them on the 24th September, as they considered them useless.

After this they changed into civilian clothes, dumped all their equipment, and made their my by train to Rimini. From here they started out on foot southwards in the direction of our lines.

On the 7th of October Sgt Stokes was left in a farmhouse suffering from rupture, and Sgt. Robinson and Pct. Curtis moved on alone. They finally got through to our lines and contacted Canadians on the 30th of October, 1943.
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