Dennis James
John Robertson

Dennis James

Dennis (Taffy) Benjamin James
born 16.03.1921
Welsh Fusiliers
SAS 1942
SRS 1943 (Fusilier 4192780)
11 Commando
1 SAS (A Squadron) 1944
died 02.09.2001 (Aged 80)
Im Dennis James’s granddaughter and im so happy to see him credited for his bravery during his life. Id also like to add more to his history.
He was also in the welsh fusiliers rather than going down the pit. He then transferred to 11th Scottish commandos before joining the 1st SAS. I hope you can add these bits into the caption of this photo. Many thanks S. James
My name is Roger Regan from porth in the rhondda and Dennis James was my uncle denny. His older sister was my mother Evelyn may James. Uncle den had two other brothers Ronnie and lemuel. After war joined merchant navy, sailed the world but when on leave always came home to 54 nyth bran the old family house.stephen you are my new found first cousin
I’m Dennis’ great grandson Dylan Podmore i live in Staffordshire in England! I live here with Dennis’ daughter Karen (my nan) and her 4 Daughters, Jo, Jemma, Kerry, and Katrina we’ve been trying to find more of our distant family for a while now so if you want to, send me a message on facebook

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