Ian Pring
John Robertson

Ian Pring

22 SAS (B Squadron)
member of Bravo 2 Zero patrol
POW January 1991 Iraq
released March 1991
from Gloucestershire
parent unit Parachute Regiment
dinger is my uncle , hes maried to my mums sister !!! this guy rocks and he is a true example of a man , he carried my grandads coffin with me and 4 other family members an i know that would of made my grandad proud to be carried by a man like dinger
no hes not doing security anymore , probably because iraq is too corrupt , hes just a normal family man , i remember when he went i was only 10 and we were all just sat waiting and praying , hes a good man .
Just out of pure curiosity, is he still keeping touch with his B20 mates? Is there some sort of B20 annual reunion?

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