croix de guerre (belgium)

  1. EOD Abram, George

    SURNAME Abram FORENAME George UNIT 5 Bomb Disposal Company,Royal Engineers RANK Corporal NUMBER 1395577 AWARD Croix de Guerre (France) PLACE WW2 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION citation shows unit 6 Bomb Disposal Coy.
  2. SAS Caldwell, Frank Griffiths

    SURNAME Caldwell FORENAME Frank Griffiths (Griff) UNIT HQ SAS Brigade RANK Captain (T/Major) NUMBER 125197 AWARD Member of the Order of the British Empire,Croix de Guerre avec palme (Bel),Croix Militaire 1st Class (Bel) PLACE NW Europe 1944-45 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION parent...
  3. RANGERS Cournoyer, Joseph R.M.

    SURNAME Cournoyer FORENAME Joseph R.M. UNIT 2 Ranger Bn (HQ) RANK Sergeant NUMBER 36145859 AWARD Croix de Guerre (Fr and Bel) PLACE France 1944 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 3 Ranger Infantry Company (Airborne) in Korean War
  4. PARAS Bettle, Victor Alfred

    SURNAME Bettle FORENAME Victor Alfred UNIT 7 Bn (B Company) RANK Warrant Officer Second Class NUMBER 5680136 AWARD Croix de Guerre 1940 with Palm (Bel) PLACE Ardennes 1944-45 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION rank A/Colour Sergeant in Gazette
  5. BELGIUM Daman, Hortense

    SURNAME Daman FORENAME Hortense UNIT Belgian Resistance RANK Civilian NUMBER AWARD Knight of the Order of Leopold II, Croix de Guerre (Bel), Medal of Resistance PLACE Belgium 1944-45 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born 12.8.1926 Louvain, Belgium elder daughter of Jacques and...
  6. SAS Collins, Ian Glen

    SURNAME Collins FORENAME Ian Glen UNIT HQ SAS Brigade (GSO 1(SAS) HQ 1 Airborne Corps) RANK Lieutenant Colonel NUMBER 139780 AWARD Officer of the Order of the British Empire,Croix de Guerre avec palme (Bel),Croix Militaire,1st Class (Bel) PLACE NW Europe 1944-45 ADDITIONAL...
  7. SAS Calvert, James Michael (Mad Mike)

    SURNAME Calvert FORENAME James Michael (Mad Mike) UNIT HQ SAS Brigade (Commanding Officer) RANK Brigadier NUMBER 58046 AWARD various foreign decorations as below PLACE NW Europe 1945 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION parent unit Royal Engineers born 6.3.1913 Rohtak,India Royal...