digboi war cemetery


During the Second World War the state of Assam, in India's Eastern Command, was an operational area of the Burma Campaign. Digboi, in the north-eastern corner of the state, near the Burmese border and on the road to Ledo, was on the lines of communication, and a military hospital was established there.

Digboi War Cemetery was started for burials from the hospital and at the end of the war contained 70 burials. Later, the Army Graves Service brought in further graves from burial grounds in Panitola, Jorhat, Margherita, Tinsukia and Ledo, where permanent maintenance could not be assured, and one from the US Military Cemetery at Shingvuoiyang in Burma.

Originally the cemetery stood on a small spur rising sharply from the main road, but an earthquake in 1950 caused cracks and subsidence, one fissure extending the full length of the cemetery. Subsequent landslides occasioned by heavy rains, particularly in 1953, so endangered the cemetery that it became necessary to move the graves to the present site which is not likely to be affected by erosion.

The cemetery now contains 197 Commonwealth and 3 non-Commonwealth (1 Italian, 1 American and 1 Belgian) burials of the Second World War.
  1. CHINDITS 1944 Moore, James (Jim)

    SURNAME Moore FORENAME James (Jim) UNIT 69th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment,Royal Artillery RANK Gunner NUMBER 3712144 DATE OF DEATH 25th July 1944 AGE 22 GRAVESITE Digboi War Cemetery,India 4.E.6 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born Liverpool resided Barrow-in-Furness,Lancashire...
  2. CHINDITS 1944 Charnley, Henry Stephen

    SURNAME Charnley FORENAME Henry Stephen UNIT 1 Bn South Staffordshire Regiment (77 Ind.Bde) RANK Private NUMBER 4868954 DATE OF DEATH 25th June 1944 AGE 21 GRAVESITE Digboi War Cemetery,India 4.B.7 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born Warwickshire resided Warwickshire son of...
  3. CHINDITS 1944 Chamberlain, Harry

    SURNAME Chamberlain FORENAME Harry UNIT 2 Bn York and Lancaster Regiment (14 Bde) RANK Private NUMBER 4976139 DATE OF DEATH 23rd August 1944 AGE 23 GRAVESITE Digboi War Cemetery,India 3.L.2 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born Derbyshire resided Nottinghamshire son of Sam and...
  4. CHINDITS 1944 Bush, Charles Robert

    SURNAME Bush FORENAME Charles Robert UNIT 1 Bn King's Regiment (Liverpool) (77 Ind.Bde) RANK Private NUMBER 5630772 DATE OF DEATH 29th July 1944 AGE 22 GRAVESITE Digboi War Cemetery,India 4.K.2 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born Plymouth,Devon son of John George and Caroline...
  5. CHINDITS 1944 Alexander, John Gilman

    SURNAME Alexander FORENAME John Gilman UNIT 1 Bn King's Regiment (Liverpool) (77 Ind.Bde) RANK Private NUMBER 14519728 DATE OF DEATH 20th June 1944 AGE 20 GRAVESITE Digboi War Cemetery,India 4.A.3 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born Suffolk son of James and Helen Maud...