Operation Houndsworth was the codename for a British Special Air Service operation during the Second World War. The operation carried out by 'A' Squadron, 1st Special Air Service between 6 June and 6 September 1944, was centred on Dijon in the Burgundy region of France. Their objective was to disrupt German lines of communication, coordinate the activities of the French Resistance and prevent German reinforcements moving to the Normandy beachheads, especially the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich.
  1. SAS Friedmann, Marcel

    SURNAME Friedmann FORENAME Marcel UNIT 4 SAS (1 Squadron) (attached 1 SAS) RANK Soldat NUMBER FAFL 35982 DATE OF DEATH 6th December 1944 AGE 21 GRAVESITE SAS War Memorial,Sennecey-le-Grand,France ADDITIONAL INFORMATION parent unit 2 Regiment de Chasseurs Parachutistes...
  2. SAS Devine, William Henry

    SURNAME Devine FORENAME William Henry UNIT 1 SAS (A Squadron) RANK Craftsman NUMBER 5337350 DATE OF DEATH 20th July 1944 AGE 24 GRAVESITE Crain Communal Cemetery,France 3.T.2 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION parent unit Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers former Royal...
  3. SAS Bradford, Laurence Roy

    SURNAME Bradford FORENAME Laurence Roy UNIT 1 SAS (A Squadron) RANK Captain NUMBER 124886 DATE OF DEATH 20th July 1944 AGE 28 GRAVESITE Crain Communal Cemetery,France 3.T.1 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION parent unit Army Air Corps former Devonshire Regiment born 1916...