queens gallantry medal

Colonel Paddy
By Patrick Marrinan
The Queen's Gallantry Medal (QGM) is a United Kingdom decoration awarded for exemplary acts of bravery by civilians, and by members of the Armed Forces "not in the face of the enemy", where the services were not so outstanding as to merit the George Cross or the George Medal, but above the level required for the Queen's Commendation for Bravery.
  1. PARAS 2 Pearson, Stuart Henry

    SURNAME Pearson FORENAME Stuart Henry UNIT 3 Para (Support Company) RANK Corporal NUMBER 25026439 AWARD Queens Gallantry Medal PLACE Afghanistan 2006 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION from Glasgow WIA 6.9.2006 Afghanistan London Gazette 58183, 15th December 2006, Page 17357
  2. 22 SAS Bruce, Charles (Nish)

    SURNAME Bruce FORENAME Charles (Nish) UNIT B Squadron (7 Troop) RANK Sergeant NUMBER 24429893 AWARD Queens Gallantry Medal PLACE Northern Ireland 1984 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION from Brackley,Northamptonshire born 8.8.1956 Chipping Norton parent unit 2 Bn Parachute Regiment 22...
  3. 22 SAS Denbury, David Edwin

    SURNAME Denbury FORENAME David Edwin UNIT A Squadron (3 Troop) RANK Trooper NUMBER 24569348 AWARD Queens Gallantry Medal, Military Medal PLACE Northern Ireland (QGM) Iraq 1991 (MM) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION parent unit 9th Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers London Gazette...
  4. 22 SAS Palmer, Thomas Gourlay Cox (Tommy)

    SURNAME Palmer FORENAME Thomas Gourlay Cox (Tommy) UNIT B Squadron (6 Troop) RANK Corporal NUMBER AWARD Military Medal,Queens Gallantry Medal PLACE London 1980 (MM) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION parent unit 33rd Field Regiment,Royal Engineers killed - see Roll of Honour
  5. 22 SAS Rose, Hugh Michael

    SURNAME Rose FORENAME Hugh Michael UNIT HQ (Commanding Officer) RANK Lieutenant Colonel NUMBER 460818 AWARD Queens Gallantry Medal, Mention in Despatches PLACE London 1980 (QGM) Falklands 1982 (MiD) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION parent unit Coldstream Guards born 5.1.1940 22 SAS...
  6. 22 SAS Currass, Phillip Preston

    SURNAME Currass FORENAME Phillip Preston UNIT G Squadron RANK Lance Corporal + Staff Sergeant NUMBER 23948859 AWARD Queens Gallantry Medal,Mention in Despatches PLACE Northern Ireland 1979 (QGM) Falklands 1982 (MiD) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION parent unit Royal Army Medical...