PARAS 2 Absolon, Richard John de Mansfield

John Robertson

Staff member
Richard John de Mansfield
  • UNIT
3 Para (D Company)
  • RANK
Military Medal
Falklands 1982
DOW - see Roll of Honour
London Gazette 49134, 8th October 1982, Page 12849



Military Medal : During eleven days of operations in the Mount Longdon area of East Falkland Island Private Absolon was employed as a scout/sniper with the Patrol Company 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment which was tasked with the gaining of information on the enemy force deployed in defensive positions around the Mountain.

On the nights of 2nd/3rd June he was one of a pair of soldiers who successfully carried out close target reconnaissance with the aim of locating enemy positions, gaining information on their strengths, and discovering routes which could be used for a Battalion night attack on the feature. The task required considerable skill and coolness as there was a requirement to close to within a few metres of the enemy. The risk of capture was high, which in turn would have led to the compromise of the whole Battalion operation. Private Absolon and his partner completed the tasks finding good approaches to the objective, providing firm intelligence on the enemy which enabled both the Battalion and Brigade to plan the attacks onto both Mount Longdon and the Two Sisters.

On the night of the 8th June Absolon and his partner led a platoon along the proposed route for the forthcoming attack as a rehearsal. Once again he successfully closed with the enemy without discovery and again returned with even more detailed information on routes and on the enemy.

On the night of 11th/12th June Absolon with his partner led B Company onto the Mount Longdon feature in the first part of an assault to capture the position by the Battalion. The route selected gave the Company the opportunity to take the enemy by surprise and a valuable foothold was gained before the enemy was aware of the attack. Once battle was joined, Absolon fought with determination, always probing ahead to locate the enemy and sniping at every opportunity. He was responsible for killing one particular sniper who was preventing the Company Headquarters from moving forward to link up with its platoons. He continued to display dash and determination throughout the 12th in a manner which was an example to many about him particularly for one so young. Tragically he was killed by mortar fire the next morning.

This young and promising soldier displayed coolness, determination and bravery under fire in demanding circumstances that were outstanding.


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