military medal

The Military Medal (MM) was a military decoration awarded to personnel of the British Army and other arms of the armed forces, and to personnel of other Commonwealth countries, below commissioned rank, for bravery in battle on land. The award was established in 1916, with retrospective application to 1914, and was awarded to other ranks for "acts of gallantry and devotion to duty under fire". The award was discontinued in 1993 when it was replaced by the Military Cross, which was extended to all ranks, while other Commonwealth nations instituted their own award systems in the post war period.
  1. RM CDOS Appleyard, Frank (Happy)

    SURNAME Appleyard FORENAME Frank (Happy) UNIT 7 Bn Royal Marines RANK Marine NUMBER PLY/X 106192 AWARD Military Medal PLACE Masa Palato, Sicily, 20th July 1943 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION See Roll of Honour
  2. RM CDOS Aldis, Alec George

    SURNAME Aldis FORENAME Alec George UNIT Royal Marines RANK Temporary Sergeant NUMBER PoX1477 AWARD Military Medal PLACE Suda Sector, Crete ADDITIONAL INFORMATION recommended for DCM see Roll of honour
  3. 3 CDO BDE Varley, Richard James

    SURNAME Varley FORENAME Richard James UNIT 42 Commando RANK Corporal NUMBER RM 13875 AWARD Military Medal PLACE 1966 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
  4. SRU Colgan, Patrick

    SURNAME Colgan FORENAME Patrick UNIT S.R.U. RANK Sergeant NUMBER 541279 AWARD Military Medal PLACE Burma 1945 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION parent unit Royal Air Force
  5. PARAS 2 Bruton, James Edward

    SURNAME Bruton FORENAME James Edward UNIT 3 Para RANK Private (A/Lance Corporal) NUMBER 23480160 AWARD Military Medal PLACE Radfan,Aden 1964 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
  6. ZSU Dennis, Edgar Thomas (Mick)

    SURNAME Dennis FORENAME Edgar Thomas (Mick) UNIT R.A.E. RANK Sapper NUMBER NX 73110 AWARD Military Medal PLACE Moschu Island,Papua New Guinea 1945 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born 29.8.1919 Tempe,New South Wales resided Bunarba Road,Miranda,New South Wales next of kin Susan Dennis...
  7. 22 SAS Armstrong, Colin

    SURNAME Armstrong FORENAME Colin UNIT B Squadron (6 Troop) RANK Corporal NUMBER AWARD Military Medal PLACE Persian Gulf 1991 (Op.Granby) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION parent unit Parachute Regiment born 1961 Rowlands Gill,Tyne and Wear attended Hookergate Secondary School 23 SAS...
  8. SAS Jones, Raymond Walter

    SURNAME Jones FORENAME Raymond Walter UNIT Special Boat Squadron (S Detachment) RANK Gunner NUMBER 1469628 AWARD Military Medal PLACE Middle East ADDITIONAL INFORMATION London Gazette 14.9.1943 died - see Roll of Honour
  9. PPA Cahill, Alfred Dennis (Mikali)

    SURNAME Cahill FORENAME Alfred Dennis (Mikali) UNIT S Patrol RANK Driver NUMBER 119614 AWARD Military Medal,Mention in Despatches PLACE Italy 1945 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION parent unit Royal Army Service Corps (1547 L.A.A. Platoon) born 31.7.1916 London resided 161 St Andrews...
  10. CHINDITS 1943 Cairns, John

    SURNAME Cairns FORENAME John UNIT King's Own Scottish Borderers,attached 13 Bn King's Regiment (Liverpool) RANK Warrant Officer Second Class (CSM) NUMBER 3183901 AWARD Military Medal PLACE Burma 1943 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 5 Column
  11. CHINDITS 1943 Day, Hubert Hazlewood

    SURNAME Day FORENAME Hubert Hazlewood UNIT Wiltshire Regiment,attached 13 Bn King's Regiment (Liverpool) RANK Corporal NUMBER 5576147 AWARD Military Medal PLACE Burma 1943 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 3 Column
  12. SAS Bouard, Jean Baptiste

    SURNAME Bouard FORENAME Jean Baptiste UNIT 4 SAS RANK Adjutant NUMBER 31670 AWARD Distinguished Conduct Medal, Military Medal, Medaille Militaire (Fr), Croix de Guerre (France) PLACE Europe 1944-45 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION parent unit 2 Regiment de Chasseurs Parachutistes born...
  13. AUSTRALIAN COMMANDOS Hetherington, Ormond Thomas

    SURNAME Hetherington FORENAME Ormond Thomas UNIT 2/3 Independent Company RANK Private NUMBER VX36692 AWARD Military Medal PLACE New Guinea 1943 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION DOW - see Roll of Honour
  14. PPA Higgins, John (Jock)

    SURNAME Higgins FORENAME John (Jock) UNIT Blitz Patrol RANK Driver NUMBER T/2981417 AWARD Military Medal PLACE Italy 1944 (pre PPA) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION parent unit Royal Army Service Corps born 27.8.1916 Airdrie,Lanarkshire husband of Grace Higgins,16...
  15. ZSU Wood, Max Holbrook

    SURNAMEWood FORENAMEMax Holbrook UNITA.I.F. RANKLieutenant NUMBERVX3459 AWARDMilitary Medal PLACEpre-ZSU (Greece 1941 as Private) ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONOp.Semut - Sarawak 1945 (Lieutenant) born 11.10.1918 Albury,New South Wales resided Junction Road,Tunstall,Victoria enlisted 24.10.1939...
  16. ZSU Tredrea, Jonathon

    SURNAMETredrea FORENAMEJonathon UNITA.I.F. RANKSergeant NUMBERSX18853 AWARDMilitary Medal PLACESarawak 1945 ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONOp.Semut "H.J. Tredrea" in one source born 15.5.1920 Adelaide,South Australia enlisted 23.9.1942 Wayville,South Australia discharged 22.3.1946 (WO II,ZSU)...
  17. ZSU Thompson, Anthony Nesbitt

    SURNAMEThompson FORENAMEAnthony Nesbitt UNITA.I.F. RANKSergeant NUMBERNX130841 AWARDMilitary Medal PLACEFar East 1944-45 ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONOp.Perch - Vogelkop 1944 Op.Squirrel - Tarakan 1945 Op.Platypus - Balikpapan 1945 born 30.4.1923 Newcastle,New South Wales enlisted 5.11.1942 New...
  18. ZSU Teh Soen Hin,

    SURNAMETeh Soen Hin FORENAME UNITA.I.F. RANKSergeant NUMBERWX36793 AWARDMilitary Medal PLACESarawak 1945 ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONOp.Semut "The,Soen Hin" (Australian Memorial) born 17.4.1920 Roti,Timor enlisted 6.3.1944 Fraser Commando School,Queensland discharged 6.3.1946
  19. ZSU Taylor, Stanley John

    SURNAME Taylor FORENAME Stanley John UNIT A.I.F. RANK Sergeant NUMBER QX1869 AWARD Military Medal,Mention in Despatches PLACE Borneo 1944-45 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Op.Menzies - Vogelkop 1944 Op.Squirrel - Tarakan 1945 Op.Platypus - Balikpapan 1945 (M.M.) Op.Stallion -...
  20. ZSU Taylor, Ronald Graham

    SURNAMETaylor FORENAMERonald Graham UNITA.I.F. RANKSergeant NUMBERSX14271 AWARDMilitary Medal PLACENew Guinea (Vogelkop) 1944 ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONOp.Perch born 24.5.1921 Renmark,South Australia enlisted 1.9.1941 Wayville,South Australia discharged 15.12.1944 resided 1947 Taylorville,via...