RN CDOS Alderton, Paul Douglas

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Staff member
Paul Douglas
  • UNIT
R.N.V.R. F and H Commando
  • RANK
Sub Lieutenant

Distinguished Service Cross
Normandy 1944
Early War Service Record for Temporary Sub Lieutenant Paul D. Alderton D.S.C., R.N.V.R.
born 30.06.1924 Upper Norwood, London, elder son of Douglas V. Alderton and Kathleen M. Bartlett.
1 June 1942 – As a 17 year old student at Hurstpierpoint College, Sussex, Paul Alderton volunteered for service under the “Y” Scheme, which allowed him to complete his school education prior to mobilization.
1 June 1942 – 1 June 1942 – While still a student, and as an Ordinary Seaman “Y” Scheme, he attends HMS Collingwood, the Royal Naval Training Establishment, Fareham, Hants.
19 Feb 1943 – Mobilized as an Ordinary Seaman and posted to HMS Collingwood, the Royal Naval Training Establishment.
1 May 1943 – Transferred to HMS Lochailort, Combined Operations Base, Inverailort Castle, Inverness.
10 June 1943 – Passed Combined Operations Base examination and promoted to rank of Temporary Midshipman
27 June 1943 – Posted to HMS Dinosaur, Combined Operations Establishment, Troon.
22 July 1943 – Posted to HMS Armadillo, Naval Beach Commando School, Glenfinnart.
1 Oct 1943 – Posted to HMS Quebec, Landing Craft Base, Inverary.
30 Dec 1943 – Appointed Temporary Acting Sub Lieutenant.
30 Apr 1944 – Posted to HMS Fox, Base Ship, Lerwick, Shetlands
5 June 1944 – Attached to H.Q. ship, HMS Largs, which set sail from Spithead with the Eastern Task Force.
5/6 June 1944 – Sailed down the 9th Swept Channel toward the Normandy coast, and at Lowering Position proceeded to the beach onboard HMLCT 321
6 June 1944 – During Operation Neptune, and serving as an Assistant Beachmaster, “F” Commando, Royal Naval Commandos, 19 year old Acting Sub Lieutenant Paul D. Alderton is in Group 1 of Force S, a Naval Assault Brigade commanded by Rear-Admiral A.G. Talbot. “F” Commando is “first in” for the assault on Queen Sector, Sword Beach.
30 June 1944 – Appointed Temporary Sub Lieutenant on his twentieth birthday.
14 Nov 1944 – Temporary Sub Lieutenant Paul D. Alderton is awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for “Gallantry, skill, determination and undaunted devotion to duty shown during the landings on the coast of Normandy” (The London Gazette, Issue 36794, Page 5216).
24 Oct 1953 - Married (5 children)
Died 06.07.1972, Hong Kong (Aged 48)
(Compiled by Michael Alderton. Katoomba. Australia) (son)
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