CHINDITS 1943 Aung Thin,

John Robertson

Staff member
Aung Thin
  • UNIT
2 Bn Burma Rifles (HQ Column)
  • RANK
Lieutenant (T/Captain)
Distinguished Service Order
Burma 1943


Distinguished Service Order : OPERATIONS IN BURMA - MARCH,1943

Captain AUNG THIN commanded the Propaganda Section of Brigade Headquarters. In addition to his duties in this connection he acted throughout the campaign as the Brigade Commander's personal adviser on Burmese affairs. His duties required him constantly to place himself in positions of great danger. On approaching the IRRAWADDY, he volunteered to take forward a small party of Shans to enter by night a village stated to be occupied by the enemy. In doing so he took great risk but carried out this duty admirably. His action resulted in the enemy's withdrawal.

In crossing the the IRRAWADDY he again took forward a party of Burma Riflemen and entered villages on the East bank containing contingents of the Burma Defence Army. With his usual courage and daring he addressed the villagers with the result that the Burma Defence Army shut itself up in its houses and did not interfere with the operation.

On the return journey, the Brigade Commander's party owed its survival largely to the unfailing courage and devotion of Captain AUNG THIN. On this occasion he must have entered alone and in advance of the party, 20 or 30 villages, any one of which might have contained enemy. On every occasion he successfully appealed to villagers to assist with food and information. When within four days of the CHINDWIN he fell down and put out his knee. In spite of his accident he struggled on with unabated courage and cheerfulness and swum the CHINDWIN unaided.

It is impossible to over-value the services of this officer. The services demanded not only great tact and knowledge of the country, but also consistent personal courage and example of a very high order.

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