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Alfred Dudley
  • UNIT
R.A.N.R. (S) (former Beach Commandos)
  • RANK
Lieutenant Commander
Distinguished Service Cross
South West Pacific Area 1944-45
born 26.09.1899, Hackney, London, England
father Percy Clement Barling (1870-1962)
mother Julia (nee Burtwell) (1871-1953)
wife Dorothy Jean (nee Gardiner) 1910-1993 (married 02.1947)
died 07.11.1993, (Aged 94) Bay View, New South Wales, Australia
Alfred Dudley Barling
Number: -
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
D.O.B.: 26th September 1899, London, England
next of kin J. Barling
resided Sydney,New South Wales
Service History
15.11.33 Appointed Lieutenant in the R.A.N.V.R.
06.11.39 Transferred to the R.A.N.R (S) with the rank of Temporary
Lieutenant. Posted to HMAS Penguin for Base Staff
05.02.40 Posted to HMAS Bingera ? Anti-Submarine Vessel upon
20.04.41 Posted to HMAS Lonsdale
20.08.41 Posted to HMAS Ballarat - Minesweeper ? as Commanding
Officer. December 1941 until January 1942 served in Timor.
February 1942 served in Singapore and evacuation from Sumatra.
Remainder of 1942 spent in New Guinea waters.
15.11.41 Promoted to Temporary Lieutenant Commander
23.03.43 Posted to HMAS Assault
25.06.43 Posted to HMAS Penguin
11.07.43 Posted to HMAS Assault
13.07.43 Posted to HMAS Manoora
17.08.43 Posted to HMAS Assault
16.11.43 Posted to Naval Beach Commandos, Kuranda
25.12.43 Posted to HMAS Manoora ? Landing Ship Infantry. Served in New
Guinea waters.
30.04.44 Awarded Watch Keeping Certificate
03.05.44 Posted to Kuranda as Principal Beach Master, Naval Beach
Commando ?A?
23.06.44 Principal Beach Master RAN Commando ?B?. Submitted
recommendations to 1 Aust. Combined Ops Section for moorings
for ALC?s of 42 Aust. L.C. Coy in bay west of Taylors Point,
02.09.44 Posted to HMAS Manoora
24.09.44 Posted to Naval Beach Commandos, Kuranda
06.11.44 Posted to HMAS Westralia ? Landing Ship Infantry. Served at
Leyte Gulf in October 1944 and Lingayen Gulf in January 1945 in
the Philippines.
July 1945 Awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.
?For gallantry, fortitude and skill whilst serving in HMAS Westralia, in numerous amphibious assaults in the South West
Pacific area, including operations in New Guinea, the Philippines
and Borneo. These extensive operations covered more than two
years of service.?
London Gazette 09.10.45 and Commonwealth Gazette 22.11.45.
04.07.45 Posted to HMAS Penguin
01.08.45 Posted to HMAS Moreton as Officer in Charge, South Brisbane
Ship Repair Base as Senior Officer, Independent Commands.
06.03.46 Posted to HMAS Rushcutter
11.04.46 Discharged from R.A.N.R. and transferred to R.A.N.V.R. with the
Rank of Lieutenant Commander.
19.07.48 Resigned Commission
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