PARAS 2 Bentley, Martin William Lester (Bill)

John Robertson

Staff member
Martin William Lester (Bill)
  • UNIT
2 Para (medical orderly - Regimental Aid Post)
  • RANK
Lance Corporal
Military Medal
Falklands 1982
from Manchester
age 27
Junior Leaders Regiment,R.A.C. 1970-72 (WO2)
14/20th King's Hussars 1972-73 (Tpr)
Parachute Squadron,R.A.C. (1 Troop) 1973-76 (L/Cpl)
14/20th King's Hussars 1976-79 (Cpl)
2 Para (RHQ + C Company) 1979-83
Duke of Lancaster's Yeomanry 1985-90 (S/Sgt)
retired 1990 (S/Sgt)
London Gazette 49134, 8th October 1982, Page 12850


Military Medal : Lance Corporal Bentley was a member of the Regimental Aid Post of the Second Battalion The Parachute Regiment thoughout the Falkland Islands campaign. During the battle for Port Darwin and Goose Green on 28th/29th May it was of tremendous credit to the Regimental Aid Post that none of the Battalion's wounded died. This credit belongs to none more than Lance Corporal Bentley. From the first moment that the Regimental Aid Post came under mortar and artillery fire Lance Corporal Bentley's qualities manifested themselves. His courage and presence of mind in carrying out his job acted as an inspiration, not only to the other medical orderlies, but to all those who came in contact with him. With an immense pack of medical kit on his back Lance Corporal Bentley was to be found wherever the casualties were thickest. Regardless of enemy shell and mortar fire he not only dealt with his casualties in a calm reassuring manner, but boosted their morale with a continuous lighthearted banter.

Typical of his sustained performance during the course of the battle was when a soldier had his lower leg blown off by a mortar bomb. Lance Corporal Bentley, still with heavy pack, ran forward onto a forward slope position and, although under persistent enemy fire, calmly and efficiently carried out the emergency medical treatment that undoubtedly saved the soldier's life.

This incident is just one of many that epitomises the qualities of this brave, resourceful and exceptional man. He acted in, and beyond, the finest traditions of The Parachute Regiment.

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