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Jean Baptiste
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Distinguished Conduct Medal, Military Medal, Medaille Militaire (Fr), Croix de Guerre (France)
Europe 1944-45
parent unit 2 Regiment de Chasseurs Parachutistes
born 29.3.1913 Le Malzieu
122 Regiment d'Infanterie September 1939
to UK May 1940
FFL July 1940 (service number 52183)
1 CIA January 1941-1942
1 CCP 1942
L Detachment SAS 1942
Sergeant 8.8.1943
4 SAS (2 Squadron + HQ Squadron) 1944 (Sgt-Chef)
4 SAS (3 Company) 1945 (Adjutant)
WIA and POW 8.4.1945 Westerbork
also awarded Medaille Coloniale


Military Medal : Veteran of the 8th Army, has taken part in operations in Cyrenaica, Libya and Tunis.

Took part in the defence of the BOIS de DAULT on 12 June. On 17 June derailed a train between MUR de BRETAGNE and LOUDEAC; the same day he attacked the observatory dominating the town of ST GUEN, killed two Germans and wounded one. Ordered to work with an FFI unit, he completely organised the area which was given to him. Carried out numerous sabotage tasks and liaison missions in a region strongly occupied by the enemy.

From 4 to 15 August, he directed brilliantly mopping up operations in his sector.

Distinguished Conduct Medal : Splendid fighter, veteran of SAS campaigns in the Middle East and France.

Dropped in HOLLAND on the night 7/8 Apr and was the following day engaged in the hold up at WESTERBOCK of the General Commanding Feldgendarmerie.

Detailed to attack the groups defending the barracks he was able to assemble his men, who had been dispersed by the first German reaction, and killed a General and another high ranking officer. Coming back to the scene of fierce fighting, he attacked the enemy in the rear with gammon bombs and .36 grenades and destroyed the transmitting set.

Seriously wounded, he continued to give orders to his men and to fire till his strength faded out. Gave an example of gallantry and determination.

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