22 SAS Cunningham, Anthony (Scouse)

John Robertson

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Anthony (Scouse)
  • UNIT
D Squadron
  • RANK
Military Medal
Oman 1958-59
born 30.10.1927, Liverpool, UK
parent unit Lancashire Fusiliers


Military Medal : On the 2nd December, 1958, Trooper CUNNINGHAM was manning the bren gun of a patrol protecting a position, seized two days previously on the Aqbat al Dhafar. When the patrol was attacked by forty rebels using light machine guns. CUNNINGHAM displayed great courage. His accurate and steady fire inflicted casualties upon the enemy and denied success to them.

On the night of the 27th December Trooper CUNNINGHAM took part in a raid on the main rebel position. Once again he displayed marked courage when he stood up despite accurate enemy small arms fire and fired at very close range right into an enemy picquet position with devastating effect.

The steadiness under fire and devotion to duty of Trooper CUNNINGHAM has provided a fine example to the younger members of the troop.


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Jeff Cunningham

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Dear Sir, would you be able to tell me how long my uncle Anthony (Tony) Cunningham (Scouce) served in the SAS please. His brother and my farther are now deceased and I would be grateful for any information regarding my uncle.
Kind regards
Jeffrey Cunningham