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Raymond Ernest
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Warrant Officer First Class
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South Vietnam


Military Medal : Warrant Officer Class I Raymond Ernest Dummett enlisted in the Australian Regular Army on 7th July 1952. He was posted to the Royal Australian Regiment and had operational service with the 2nd Battalion in Malaya. He has had previous service with the Australian Imperial Force in World War II where he served in New Guinea with the 2/3 Australian Infantry Battalion. He volunteered for service in South Vietnam and was posted to the Australian Army Training Team arriving on 1st April 1967. He was posted as a Regional-Forces/Popular Forces Adviser to Trieu Phong District in the province of Quang-Tri.

At 02.30 hours on 12th August 1967 the District H.Q. was attacked by the Viet Cong under an intense barrage of rocket launcher fire. W.O. I Dummett from his position in the 81 mm. mortar pit kept up a continuous barrage of defensive fire and illumination around the perimeter defences, for approximately two and a half hours. He did this with the assistance of only one Vietnamese soldier. The mortar pit was in an extremely exposed position and even in the face of Viet-Cong moving around inside the defences blowing up bunkers, intense rocket fire from the enemy forces outside the position, the mortar was kept in action covering the likely approaches of a follow-up enemy ground force. The consistency and accuracy of this fire undoubtedly deterred the enemy from reinforcing their initial assault squad and allowed the defenders to deal with those in the defensive position. After the attack finished W.O. I Dummett was the first adviser to move around, checking wounded and reorganising the defences. His calm attitude and bearing did a great deal towards restoring the morale and fighting efficiency of the very tired and dazed Vietnamese troops. He also very quickly co-ordinated the arrival of medical evacuation helicopters and arranged for the wounded to be moved out.

Throughout this action the distinguished conduct and coolness under fire of W.O. I Dummett was an inspiration to all. His professional skill with the mortar undoubtedly saved the position from further penetration by enemy ground forces.


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