John Robertson

Staff member
Michael George (Mick)
  • UNIT
Fleet Clearance Diving Team 1 + Scotland and Northern Ireland Clearance Diving Team + S. of D., Royal Navy
  • RANK
Petty Officer (Diver) (BEM) + Chief Petty Officer (Diver) (MBE) + Fleet Chief Petty Officer (Diver) (DSC)
British Empire Medal, Distinguished Service Cross, Member of the Order of the British Empire
Queen's Birthday Honours 1987 (BEM), Zeebrugge 1987 (MBE), Falklands 1982 (DSC)
autobiography - "Not For The Glory"
London Gazette 47234, 10th June 1977, Page 7106 (BEM)
London Gazette 49134, 8th October 1982, Page 12837 (DSC)
London Gazette 51171, 30th December 1987, Page 5 (MBE)


Distinguished Service Cross : On 21st May 1982 FCPO(D) Fellows, Fleet Clearance Diving Team 1, was tasked to investigate an unexploded 1,000 Ib bomb on HMS ANTRIM. It proved impossible to determine whether the bomb was armed and the decision was taken to lift it from its position close to the Seaslug missile magazine to the Flight Deck where it could be lowered into the water.

This operation was hampered by further air attacks during which the team had to stay close to the bomb to prevent it from being jarred. Smoke from burning materials forced them to wear breathing apparatus and to carry out fire fighting tasks to keep heat away. However, after a difficult ten hour operation they succeeded in disposing of the bomb and damaged pyrotechnics from the magazine. This was the first unexploded bomb dealt with during the Falklands conflict and, despite the absence of precedent, FCPO(D) Fellows led his team with devotion to duty of the highest order and complete disregard for personal safety. The conspicuous bravery shown by the team was a major factor in safeguarding the ship and her crew.

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